Brand Marketing Strategy and the Personal Branding Photographer

Do you need a personal branding photographer when creating a brand marketing strategy?

Brand Marketing Strategy is a more sophisticated approach to personal branding, which is the infusion of your personality into your business. It is the art and science of differentiation, storytelling and capturing who you truly are in powerful images created by a personal branding photographer, and strategically combining them with compelling written content to tell your story in an authentic way.

What is personal branding about?

As a component of brand marketing, personal branding is about clarity. It’s about impact. And most of all, it’s about connection. It is so much more than a logo, colors or a pretty font.

My goal as a brand marketing strategist and personal branding photographer is to get to know you so I can capture your true essence in visual content, and guide you to use that content as part of a comprehensive brand story that creates an emotional connection with your ideal clients.

Strategy and Photography Combined

People buy personalities and emotional connections, they do not buy products and services.  The goal for having a personal brand and using brand marketing strategy is to make an emotional connection with your ideal audience.  Making an emotional connection with your audience will help you build the know like and trust factor which is ultimately why people buy from you, they trust you.  A personal branding photographer will create images that ensure your audience understands your true essence and deepens the emotional connection and trust.



Visual Storytelling

What are the added benefits of personal branding?

When you want to tell the story of your life, you work with a biographer. When you want to tell the story of your brand, you work with a brand marketing strategist and personal branding photographer. Brand marketing strategy and personal branding combine two essential pieces—photography and branding strategy—to capture your brand’s identity and build its reach and impact through differentiation, connection, and visual and written storytelling.

The way you tell your story through personal branding determines the experience your ideal client has when introduced to you, how they perceive you, how they describe you to others, and how they are able to connect with you on an emotional level.

Personal Branding Photography

Photography is part of the foundation of personal branding, and is just as important to your brand as your logo, your mission, and your written content. I take the time to get to know you as a person, helping you relax and feel comfortable enough to be yourself in our photo shoots.

As a personal branding photographer, I’ll work with you to pose you in ways that showcase your confidence without compromising your approachability, and capture the light in your eyes to make that emotional connection with your ideal audience that will help them know like and trust you. I focus on helping you build that connection because, even more than the product or service you offer, what really sells your brand is you!

Brand Marketing Strategy

Beautiful images are only half of the equation, though. The true value of brand marketing comes from the partnership between dynamic visual content and a multi-faceted brand marketing strategy.

Drawing on my background in the corporate world and years of research on brand marketing and personal branding, I’ll give you tailored and expert advice on how to use those images in concert with written copy. We’ll consult, both in session and via Zoom, on SEO and social media usage, and I’ll help you build your brand and your confidence with a blog post about your business, shout outs on social media, and backlinks to your website to improve your brand SEO.

Together we’ll develop content that is clear, concise, and consistent, and that inspires connection with your ideal audience. Together, we’ll build a brand for you that is memorable and sharable.

The Brand Marketing Insider

The Brand Marketing Insider program is my signature program for building successful brands.  We not only create branded photography for your website and social media posts and strategize on how to best use those images, we build your brand for you.

The Brand Marketing Insider is a done for you program where I work with you and my team of experts to create a superb personal brand that will help your business soar to new heights.

Learn more about The Brand Marketing Insider program.  


Who is Brand Marketing Strategy for?

Brand marketing strategy is for you if you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur, mompreneur, small business owner or a businesswoman who is your brand. It celebrates personality, and creates a comprehensive, consistent, and compelling story for how you present yourself online.

For this reason, brand marketing strategy combines the development of visual content including branded lifestyle photography—going behind the scenes so your ideal audience can see who you are, why you do what you do, how you work with others, and how your passion carries through to your real life–with written storytelling for comprehensive brand-building strategy.

Working with a personal branding photographer and brand marketing strategist is for you if you want to differentiate your brand, build a brand your ideal audience and clients will identify with, get to know like and trust, and connect with on a personal and emotional level.


Visual Storytelling for fashion consultants. Personal branding photography for fashion constultants. Visual story telling for fashion consultants. personal branding and visual content

"Thank you so much!  I can't tell you how excited I am about this!  I never thought I could be in front of a camera for a few hours and not be filled with anxiety.  You made the shoot so enjoyable, and made me feel so comfortable.  It was fun!  I loved getting to know you and Scharle a bit, seeing your gorgeous studio and just being able to enjoy the experience.  Your photography is absolutely beautiful, and I especially appreciate that you took the time to explore my brand and create photos that will perfectly blend with the look and feel of my website."

-Jill Wichner, Virtual Project Manager, Copywriter, Social Media Specialist

photography for a virtual project manager and social media specialist. Testimonial for branding photographer. Are you ready to tell your visual story? Let's connect. brandography, branding photography, branding for copywriter, branding for social media specialist, visual story telling

Personal Branding Photography Packages

Are you ready to build your brand? Here are the ways we can work together:

Start-Up Package


Build Your Brand Package


Makeup  √  √
Pre-session Wardrobe & Color Palette/Mood Board Consultation  √  √
Session Length 2 hour 4 hours
Location* 1 location, either in-studio (can use outside of studio in addition to inside) or at your location of choice Up to 2 locations near each other; e.g. in-studio and around Doylestown, or at your location(s) of choice
Images & Edits 20 high-resolution digital files, standard edits** for website and social media posting 50 high-resolution digital files, standard edits** for website and social media posting
Wardrobe 2 wardrobe options 5 wardrobe options
Image Use Consultation $250 additional Image use consultation, including SEO recommendations and social media use, throughout the session and via Skype during 1-week proofing period***
Brand Building   Blog post about your business, shout outs for your brand on social media, Pinterest and LinkedIn, optional FB live video introduction of you and your brand, backlinks to your website to improve your brand SEO
Additional high-resolution, edited digital files Available for $45 each Available for $45 each
Additional wardrobe options  Available for $25 each Available for $25 each
Proofing Up to 60 images via website post session Up to 120 images via website post session
Investment $997 $1997

The Quarterly Social Media Special

Quarterly shoots are available for $550 per quarter and include 20 high resolution edited social media ready digital files.  Makeup is not included.   Limit to one location.  All other aspects of the Build a Brand Package apply. The year is paid in full at the time of the first quarterly session.

* Please note:  On-location fees may apply if the distance to an on-location session is greater than 20 miles from Doylestown.

** Standard edits: color adjustment, lightening of dark circles, temporary blemish removal, removal of unwanted objects such as stray hairs, small pieces. Wrinkle removal and more extensive edits are not included but are available for $25 per additional edit per image.  However, it is my belief you should cherish every one of those earned wrinkles and represent your authentic self. 



TEDx speaker and rare eye disease advocate. Photography for motivational speaker. Who needs personal branding pictures? Who should hire a brandographer? Why you should hire a brandographer? Who needs personal branding photography? Visual story telling is for your brand. Call today to schedule your personal branding session and let's tell your story through pictures! Personal and visual branding
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