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If you want to start a business or non-profit organization you need passion and strategy to create success.

If you want to start a business you need passion and strategy to create success. Likewise, if you want to create a successful non-profit organization you need a combination of passion and strategy.

Using a state staple to create a successful non-profit organization

Bourbanism is a culture. Kentucky is also an influential and thriving art culture.

“Ninety percent of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky. One hundred percent of the world’s good bourbon is made in Kentucky.” – Morgan Hancock

The gift of creativity

Robyn emphasized that everyone has innate creativity but the reality and chaos of life often suppress creativity. When we tap into creativity, our brain releases positive endorphins. It’s very therapeutic. Creativity allows us to be more creative in our work as well as more pleasant in relationships.

Bourbon with Heart supports artists and these three needs while creating opportunities to give to and support organizations that help provide the physiological and security needs of various populations throughout Kentucky.

Why you need passion and strategy to create success

Morgan shared a quote that her boss when she was in high school shared with her, “you owe it to your philosophy to learn how to win.” – unknown

This quote has been a guiding source for Morgan to follow her passion, become a leader, and create a successful non-profit.

Passion is important, and is a driving force for creating. However, you must also know how to win, which means employing business strategies to succeed. It takes business acumen and strategy in addition to passion for overall success.

You need passion and strategy to create a successful non-profit organization

The first step in creating a successful non-profit is to have passion for your cause and mission.

Second, you must know how to ask other people for money. Create a strategy for how you’ll ask for money. Will this be in person, through events, by having a specific call to action, through email marketing, etc? Your strategy should include follow-up.

Third, you have to be the CEO. You are the expert but also need a team for marketing, hiring, accounting, and every aspect of the non-profit. As the CEO, you are running the non-profit as a business. Your hiring practices will allow you to hire people who are experts in the areas you aren’t an expert in and to support you and the organization.

Fourth, you can’t be afraid of self-promotion. You must become the face of your non-profit. People donate and support the face, or personality, of the organization. The more you put yourself out there, the more you will connect with donors.

Fifth, don’t be naive and think that there are no competitors. Non-profits can support each other, but you do need to know who your non-profit competitors are because if you aren’t competing, you aren’t innovating. If you don’t try to get better than other organizations, you are doing a disservice to the people you want to serve. You have to stand out as the best and the one who deserves the dollars in the form of donations.

If you aren’t constantly growing and innovating, you won’t stand out as the best and the one to donate. You won’t be front of mind. Competition doesn’t only make you better, it makes other organizations better. It makes every organization and therefore the community better.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

As the leader of a non-profit, you are the personal brand to create a successful non-profit organization

It is critical to differentiate yourself from all others. As a unique personal brand, you will build an emotional connection with others and inspire them to support your organization. In addition, as a personal brand, you will build relationships and trust. People will support the organization because they believe you will take their money and use it for good.

Creating a personal brand and being the face of the organization will give you a leading edge as a non-profit.

Creating opportunities for veterans

Often times there is a stereotype of what the artsy type is. Morgan is working with an organization of veteran woodworkers who are using woodworking to help with their PTSD. The veterans didn’t see themselves as artists, but they are using the staves from the bourbon barrels to create and carve wooden bow ties. The bow ties will then be painted by local artists and on display at The Galt House for the Kentucky Derby.

If you need passion and strategy to create success, collaborating and bringing in other organizations will be key. You can expand your community, offer support to others, and bring more attention to your organization.

About Morgan Hancock

Morgan Hancock is a commercial real estate agent, entrepreneur, US ARMY veteran, mother-of-two, bourbonista, and passionate advocate of the arts. She is a charismatic force who can completely capture a room, radiating positivity with a disarming demeanor and sharp sense of humor.

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