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From the New-Age to Jesus-centered. The coaching industry is very aligned with new-age philosophies, manifestation, and the universe, instead of focusing on scripture and bringing Glory to God.

A triumphant and emotional story of going from the New Age to Jesus.

New-age philosophies and idolatry have been around forever. The Old Testament is full of stories of people worshiping idols.  We are told over and over again, with the commandments and again by Jesus in the New Testament that we are to have no other God’s before Him. New age philosophies are appealing to spiritual seekers because they mascarade as love and light. These beliefs appear harmless and feel good because they take away any restrictions on life. Satan uses these New Age things such as astrology, crystals, tarot cards, etc. to distract you. He desires to lead you away from Christ and into believing all of the answers lie within these earthly things.

Deception is real

As humans, we all want a quick fix, comfort, convenience, etc. However, God has called us to work for His glory. He doesn’t promise everything will be easy and smooth sailing. He tells us in scripture that in this life there will be trouble, but not to fear because He has overcome the world (Satan). Doubt and fear may cause us to avoid doing the work necessary to grow as individuals and to grow our businesses. This may also come into play with forgiving others. But God has called us to forgive just as He has forgiven and if we do so, He will forgive us.

The lies of the New Age beliefs

When you are in the New Age, you think that bad things aren’t going to happen to you. It takes time to realize that the law of attraction doesn’t shield you from bad things. You may actually get something through the law of attraction, but then it disappears, it isn’t lasting.

Tara shared that she believes that many times people find it difficult to trust God because they have father wounds. They didn’t have an earthly father that loved them and that they could trust, therefore they don’t trust God as the Heavenly Father.

The Law of Attraction is Temporary

Pursuit of earthly things, instead of pursuit of God will lead you to an empty circle. Individuals practicing New Age beliefs, convince themselves that they will have everything, but they are not on a solid foundation. Tara felt like she was in quicksand. When in the New Age, you don’t have any place to go when things go wrong. With Christ, we always have Him to lean on when things go astray.

Instead of putting trust in God, in the New Age, you are putting your trust in things or others to fulfill you. The trick of it is that people think these things will fulfill them, so they seek them, but when they get them, they still aren’t fulfilled.

When you go from the New Age to Jesus, you will find greater peace.

The attraction to the New Age

One thing that attracts people to the New Age is it gives you a sense of control. Tara explained how she dealt with negative experiences and trauma through control. And in the New Age, you believe you have all control, that you are the God of your life. A phrase they use is I am co-creating with the universe. The belief is that you know how to make things happen and work hard so you think it’s all you.

With Christianity, we can surrender everything to God. Of course, He wants us to work hard, but we can trust that He will take care of things. His outcomes are better, He knows everything so we can relax in knowing that we don’t have to do it alone.

Seekers seek

If you are a seeker, unsure of what’s right and true, ask God to tell you, to reveal His truth to you. Listen and watch and you’ll see His answers.

God will pursue. And it will all come to realization in His time. But you have to have eyes to see and ears to hear. New Age people think they are superior to Christians and superior to God. If you aren’t actively seeking Him, you may miss His callings to you. But if you are seeking, He will show you. But it will be in His time.

Even if you aren’t seeking, you may hear God, like Tara did. Don’t ignore Him. And when you do hear Him, follow your intuition. That gut feeling that is pulling you out of your current state and into His love and light.

Having a relationship with God

Tara emphasized that it’s important to recognize that God wants us to be in a relationship with Him. We get to tell him our desires, and the things we’re worried about, nothing is too great or too bad to share with Him. God is not the condemning God many of us were taught to believe. He loves us and He will work with you to change your desires, to help them become more in line with what He wants for you. But there is a lot of waiting. God prunes us and is working for our benefit, but we have to be patient and wait for His timing, which is perfect and limitless.

Tara emphasized that we as humans don’t know best, God does. She realizes that there is more pain when we do things on our own without Him. There is nothing you’ve done that can take His love away from you. Nothing makes you unlovable, unwelcome, or too far gone. He is always pursuing you.

We do not have to be perfect to be a follower of Christ. It’s important to strive for that, but God gives us grace.

One of the biggest blessings of going from the New Age to Jesus is the relationship you are able to experience.

This relationship will help you pursue success in God’s way instead of the secular way.

About Tara Mullarkey

Tara is a former new-ager turned Christ-follower. She has done deep and extensive somatic studies on emotional attachment wounding from childhood and how it affects women’s success. In addition, she is deeply feminine and is also a marketing, copywriting, and business muse. Tara studies with the best in the industry. She leads a team of coaches and enrollment specialists and has scaled her business to 6+ Figures per month. Tara is also the author of “7-Figure Coach”!

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