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Have you fallen into the trap of believing the myths about how to start and grow a successful business? You aren’t alone. And that’s why I’m here to do some myth-busting to help you start and grow your business with simplicity to earn money and have a meaningful impact faster.

#1 of 4 Myths about how to start and grow a business

If I’m not on social media, I can’t start a business.

Fact #1

Why not being on social media is the best way to start and grow a business for long-term success?

  1. Achieve clarity first
    1. What you do, how you do it, why you do it
    2. Who is your soulmate client
    3. Your messaging
  2. Build the foundation on platforms you own
    1. Website
    2. Blog
    3. Email list
  3. Never start on social media because you could lose everything if hacked…this recently happened to my client, Amanda.
    1. It could go away at any time, and you could lose followers and content
    2. You are more likely to become confused or sucked into the vicious cycle of comparison

#2 of 4 Myths about how to start and grow a business

I can DIY my business and don’t need support.

Fact #2

Having support allows you to grow and make money faster

  1. Helps you avoid overwhelm and burnout
  2. Gives you the opportunity for accountability
  3. Helps you get out of your own way
  4. You don’t know what you don’t know
  5. Helps you avoid procrastination
  6. Gives the opportunity to have questions answered instead of researching yourself
  7. Helps you avoid mindset pitfalls
  8. Opens your eyes to tools, processes, etc. that you may not have been aware of
  9. Gives you additional perspectives

#3 of 4 Myths about how to start and grow a business

Hiring a coach would take more time and I don’t have it.

Fact #3

Don’t fall into the “I don’t have time” trap. It takes more time for you to DIY your business than to have someone who’s already grown a business help you. The right coach will:

  1. Keep you focused on meaningful and impactful tasks so you don’t waste time
  2. Cheer you on to keep you moving forward so that you don’t get stuck in a cycle of procrastination
  3. Teach you what you need and don’t need so that you aren’t trying to figure it out on your own or wasting time learning something you won’t use
  4. Help you have a positive mindset so that doubt and negative thoughts don’t hold you back from attracting ideal clients
  5. Help you create a strategy so that your time is spent effectively
  6. If working outside of your business, schedule coaching over your lunch break
  7. Get up an hour early to get other tasks done to fit in an hour of coaching later
  8. Go to work an hour early and leave an hour early so that you can work with a coach
  9. It takes longer to build a business alone than with someone who can guide you

#4 of 4 Myths about how to start and grow a business

I can’t afford to hire a coach.

Fact #4

If you are stuck at the current level or in the same place and aren’t reaching your client of financial goals, you can’t afford to not hire a coach.

  1. If you don’t know where to begin or aren’t growing beyond your current level, can you afford to stay stuck?
  2. There is always an ROI with coaching – even if your mindset shifts you will have more opportunities to attract clients and make money than you have been stuck in the same place.
  3. You can ask about a payment plan option
  4. You can take out a small business loan
  5. You can use a credit card and make payments
  6. You can borrow money from a family member
  7. You can borrow money from a savings account
  8. You can sell things that you don’t use or need anymore
  9. You can use PayPal’s 0% financing credit line
  10. Investing in yourself and your business is the fastest and easiest way to achieve success.
  11. Ask yourself, if you want your business to succeed, can you afford not to have the help you need?

We know that approximately 20% of businesses fail within the first year. Within 5 years, almost 50% have failed. Furthermore, about 65% fail after 10 years.

Which do you think will have more benefits as you set out to start and grow a business that succeeds, social media or hiring a business coach?

Here’s what happened when I went off Instagram.

  1. I had my best month ever
  2. I made empowering and impactful decisions for my business
  3. I was able to focus
  4. My confidence grew – doubt and comparison decreased
  5. I applied for and was accepted for international speaking opportunities
  6. My 1:1 client roster grew
  7. Had a record number of discovery calls
  8. Was able to pitch more podcast interviews
  9. Made more money, more positive, less distracted, more productive, more focused, more successful
  10. Wrote and published extra blog posts and podcast episodes
  11. Created a group coaching program for you

It’s so possible and the best part is if you have been stuck with not knowing where to begin to start and grow your business, The Purpose to Results™ Academy will help you build the foundation first with simplicity and fewer distractions so that you can get results, make money, and have a meaningful impact faster.

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