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Your Money Mindset has the Power to Move Your Business Forward for Success or Hold You Back.

About Aria Leighty

A powerhouse when it comes to helping women and entrepreneurs who are on the edge of their seats to uplevel their business but are stuck and unable to move forward. Aria helps you master your mindset and many other aspects of business to move your business forward. She is also the founder of The MOB Nation.

Robyn Graham interviewed Aria Leighty on The Second Phase Podcast. Money Mindset was the topic of conversation. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Aria wearing a black tank top, silver hoop earrings with her long black hair down and she is smiling at the camera.

The Biggest Struggles that Moms in Business Experience

We think that as moms we have to be martyrs for our families, and the same for our businesses, and self-care is often put to the wayside. Aria helps women in the MOB Nation to start pouring back into themselves. Self-care is a mandatory investment for you to be successful as a parent and in business.  It’s important to remember that our happiness doesn’t have to come last. And your value isn’t dependent on productivity. Even charging your worth is an act of self-care.

Self-Worth and Money Mindset

As women, we get intimidated by all we see online, and comparison and imposter syndrome affect our mindset. Without self-worth, we can’t have a positive mindset. When we are really good at something, it feels like it comes so naturally so we discount the unique power we have and discount the compensation for it. Just because it comes easy to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable and worth charging for.

If you are struggling to find what it is that you do well, look at the questions people ask you to pick your brain about. It is important to protect your energy and knowledge so that you can save that energy for your own business, and your own content. It’s important to respect other people’s gifts as valuable and to pay for the value, as well as to charge for the value. Compensating women for their gifts and knowledge will help more women succeed.

The Common Thread of Money Mindset

What is holding women back from having a positive money mindset? There are many outdated societal stories about money being the root of all evil, etc. Therefore, tapping into the feminine energy around money is how you change to make an impact and change the world.

Money is a tool. If we can get more money in the hands of more women who have that good-hearted, empathetic, compassionate vibration, that is how we change the world with our spending power and compensate the world. When you have a good income, you can hire other women. There are many ways we can make a difference by having more money and helping others. You can make a difference and make money and can make an even bigger difference if you make more money.

Money Mindset Activity

To help change your money mindset, make a list of all of the ways you could have a bigger impact if you had more money.

Think of money as an avenue to create a ripple effect. The more money you make, the more money you can pay other people.

When we don’t charge our worth, we are doing a disservice to the people we are working with. Likewise, if we don’t charge our value, our clients may not perceive their self-worth. The more they invest in themselves, the more self-worth they feel.

In addition, when you are not worried about making bills, you are better able to care for yourself and your family. When you aren’t charging your worth you aren’t able to outsource activities and you end up burnt out, frustrated, and bringing negative energy into your client-work. It is important to be able to support healthy food, healthy sleep patterns, etc. Therefore, it is safe to say that charging your worth is key to being able to do this.

Charging enough so that you can build that sustainable healthy lifestyle for yourself and protect your brainpower, is how you will be able to give your absolute best to other people.

Money is the Root of All Evil

When the statement money is the root of all evil is embedded in your mind, it makes you have reservations about making money. We are blasted with this concept from the time we are very small. This message is in churches, the media, and movies.

Money is a Tool

Some people use their money to do harmful, bad, destructive things, but as female entrepreneurs, we are more likely to use our money to build others up and create a ripple effect for good. Similar to a hammer, money can be used to build something or tear something down. Women have been proven to spend more money to support small businesses and also give more. We are more likely to have our money circulate in society. This is why we need to change the narrative to money is a tool, not something evil.

What Steps Can You Take to Shift Your Mindset Around Money

First, identify your limiting belief around money. Some women think that they shouldn’t be compensated for something fun and creative. They were taught that it is hard to make money.

Once you can identify the limiting belief and forgive the person that perpetuated that belief in your life, it is going to be ongoing work. You didn’t get to this limiting belief overnight and you won’t be able to change it overnight.

Knowing how to recognize it and build affirmations around it like that was my story before, but it isn’t my story now, is helpful. Likewise, you can say I am safe and I am worthy to be compensated for my expertise.

The Impact Exercise for Money Mindset

Tapping into the impact list is one of the most impactful exercises because it will help you every time you want to set a boundary or raise your prices.

More on money mindset. 

Experience = Worth

Many women get in their own heads about not having a certificate or degree for the service they provide and are afraid to charge, they are skeptical of their worth and being judged because they don’t have credentials. Aria believes that you wouldn’t have something, an idea, in your heart if it wasn’t meant to be brought to life. The desires of your heart are completely different than those of someone else’s heart.

Every piece of knowledge you have, and everything you’ve experienced has led you to the unique perspective and skill set that is specific to you, the things that only you can do for your ideal audience.

You are being led to this calling and every part of your journey has given you the credentials. Likewise, the people you are meant to serve are months to years behind you and everything you’ve experienced is meant to help that person. People want to hear from people that are on the other side of their struggle.

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