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Like journaling, asking the right questions can shift your perspective and mindset. But how can you change your level of mental fitness for more positive outcomes?

Mental fitness and mindset go hand in hand when we refer to brain health and the ability to experience positive outcomes in both life and business.

Journaling is one way to nourish your brain and is ultimately reflection.

Robyn suggested that as individuals we should wake up every day and ask ourselves how we can be the best we can possibly be, how can we win today, and then at the end of the day, ask ourselves what we are grateful for and recap the wins we had.

The powerful questions that one can ask to improve mental fitness and mindset

Questions are the pause from being on auto-pilot in life or work.  A good question or quality question is well-timed for you right now and pauses whatever you are doing right now.

The key is that people pause and take the time to ask these important questions. Kobe Bryant as an example, was so successful, because of his prompt, what do I need to do to get to the rim? It has everything to do with who he studied. He studied Michael Jordan and his footwork and where he was on the court. Asking the right question is about identifying who you can study in your realm to learn from and then adapt and be the best. Who are the best of the best that you can learn from?

History lends opportunities to learn if we pause and ask questions.

When pausing to ask questions, you give yourself a better chance to learn. If waiting until you are stressed, fearful, or anxious, you will not learn the same way because of a lack of clarity. If we are in a state of anxiousness, we may be experiencing mental pollution, be in a state of fog, and not be able to sift through to ask the right question or get the right answer.

On the flip side of that, when we are motivated and life is flowing, that is the time to give yourself time and ask yourself bigger questions.

Journaling prompts for when you are struggling with clarity. Who can you study to improve your mental fitness and mindset?

First, ask yourself about the source of your mental nutrition. Do you have sources of content, podcasts, books, etc? Consume inspiring positive content to shift back into a thriving state of mind. Doing so will help put you back into a creative state of mind. Identifying sources of positive mental nutrition is empowering. Something as simple as gratitude can change your perspective. You can be stressed and grateful at the same time. Other things to add to your tool kit are breathwork, meditation, and exercise. What brings you back to a positive state?

A great question to ask is how your future self would act, think, or what would she do? For example, what would $500K Robyn do? How would $500K Robyn talk to herself right now? What advice would $500K Robyn give you right now? This truly gives light to a situation and lends a new perspective.

Another tip from Robyn is to list 25 things that you have accomplished. This can help you overcome procrastination and help you discover clarity.

It is all about a shift in perspective. Anytime you consume positive content, you can shift your perspective by finding inspiration from others. This also allows you to ask different questions.

In addition, if you are struggling with clarity, other questions to ask are who am I, and who do I strive to become?

Marc mentioned a prompt from the chapter in Personal Sacretes on James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, do my habits and systems support and optimize the person I want to become?

You don’t have to change everything in a matter of 12 hours. First, identify where you are headed and make subtle micro-adjustments. life will ultimately begin to flow. You’ll see opportunities that were hidden in the fog.

Exercises to achieve mental fitness and a positive mindset? Think mental nutrition.

It starts with personalization. Begin by identifying five things that you can do that will leave your mind in a great state.

Exercise does usually link to this as it will motivate you physically and mentally. Map out what it is for you. Is it a long walk, or is it meditation? Everyone has something unique to them.

If meditation is something you find challenging, start with a short one.

Breathwork also helps with mental health. You can also stack other activities into breathwork. For example, visualization while doing breathwork.

If you don’t have ten minutes, you don’t have a life. – Tony Robbins.

As Marc said, this quote may seem harsh, but it’s important to realize the power of ten minutes in the morning. Just ten minutes in the morning can significantly impact how your day will go or how you will sleep.

It is a shift in perspective about time.

Listen to Episode 155 about time.

Music is another source of nutrition for your brain. The key is to break the trend of negative thoughts or feelings of overwhelm and music can pull you out of a funk and inspire and motivate you.

Build self-awareness and use the mental muscles to flip the switch.

Creativity is also huge for tapping into the homeostasis of a positive mindset.

Listen to episode 171 about creativity. 

Journaling is almost identical to meditation in terms of changing neural pathways. If you struggle with meditating or are intimidated by meditating, try journaling.

Journaling is a profound practice for mental fitness and mindset

Marc suggests journaling in the morning to set intentions, and use affirmations. Write how you are feeling, where in the body you feel that emotion, etc. You can use journaling to reflect on how you feel.

Negative emotions will go with you throughout the day and affect your energy, or lack thereof, which will show up in interactions with others.

Then ask “how do I want to show up today”. A one-word answer, for example, present. I want to be present today.

Journaling can be used on an as-needed basis. If something comes up during the day, take a moment to journal about it, or even leave yourself an audio note about it. This helps to clear the path to positivity and action. An in-the-moment journaling practice can help with mental fitness throughout the day.

Journal a quick recap of the day, ending with gratitude. Go to sleep in a positive state of mind.

3 prompts to use at the end of the day or at the end of each week:
  1. What would I change about today?
  2. Is there anything I’d change about my day?
  3. What went well today?

A 10-minute reflection at the end of the week leaves you primed for the weekend and the following week.

This is a great way to cleanse the negative thoughts and learn from experiences that occurred throughout the week.

There are so many moments to celebrate. The more micro you can get the more you will fire off the positive neurotransmitters, dopamine, and serotonin.

There simply is no downside to journaling and having gratitude.

Our default programming is negative. Thus the reason mental nutrition is so important.

Marc’s favorite book(s), 1) The Daily Laws by Robert Greene helps with perspective shifts. 2) Any book by Robin Sharma, Everyday Hero Manifesto.

About Marc Champagne

Marke Champagne unpacks the mental fitness practices and reflective questions shaping the lives of some of the most successful and brilliant thinkers in the world. He is the author of Personal Sacroates, a best-selling book exploring the pointed questions that stimulate our mental fitness and teach us how to direct our internal narrative to work for us instead of against us. Marc studies the prompts and practices of legends such as Kobe Bryant, Maya Angelou, Robin Williams, James Clear, Coco Chanel, Stephen Hawking, and many others to bring clarity, intentionality, and possibility to every aspect of your life.

In addition, Marc and his brother-in-law created an app for using questions to slow down and reflect. The app is called Kyo. You can use the prompts in an instant to reflect and change your life.

Marc believes we are all one question away from a completely different life.

Learn more about and connect with Marc Champagne:

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Marc Champagne’s book: Personal Socrates: Questions That Will Upgrade Your Life from Legends & World-Class Performers

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