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As a brand marketing strategist, podcast host and photographer, I love to share my passions and knowledge with women in business, small business owners, and entrepreneurs. I am passionate about sharing my passions and knowledge with audiences of podcasts, radio and television shows and through speaking engagements.

Ways we Can Collaborate and Work Together

Would you like to chat about brand marketing strategies on your show? Would you like to collaborate for an event, presentation, panel discussion or workshop on brand marketing strategy or creating personal brands that stand out, make connections and attract more clients?  If yes, please schedule a call with me to discuss working together.

I am excited to see how together we can help others grow and achieve success!

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Robyn Graham helps businesswomen and entrepreneurs build their brands by helping them connect and grow their audiences and attract more clients using brand marketing strategies. She helps her clients find purpose and authenticity using her six pillars of brand strategy to create clarity and consistent messaging that connects with their ideal audience. Using her passion for and skills of photography she helps clients through the power of visual storytelling integrated with brand strategies.

Robyn's signature “The Brand Marketing Insider” program is a highly customized done for you brand-building experience that combines her expertise with that of a team of vetted professionals to build comprehensive brands.

Her work includes brand marketing strategy coaching, personal brand strategy and photography, visual content development, professional headshots, and fine art photography.

Robyn is host of The Second Phase Podcast and enjoys speaking on the value of brand marketing strategy and personal branding.

Robyn Graham is a brand marketing strategist, coach, podcast host and photographer. In this image she is sitting at a white desk with her mac in front of her and her camera on the corner of the desk looking at the camera and smiling.

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Robyn Graham is a brand marketing strategist, podcast host and photographer. In this image she is wearing a gray sweater with jeans and her right elbow is leaning on her right knee as she looks at the camera and smiles.

 Interviews and Appearances

Brilliantly Resilient

How Faith Helped Overcome Anxiety

Robyn was interviewed by Mary Fran Bontempo and Kristin Smedley of Brilliantly Resilient. Robyn shared how her faith helped her overcome anxiety and fear and enabled her to become a podcast host and build a successful brand and business.


The Product-Preneur Podcast

Building a Magnetic Brand

Robyn was interviewed by Nicole Delarzac of The Product-Preneur Podcast. Robyn shared how entrepreneurs with products must create a personal brand to build relationships with their audience  and develop the know like and trust factor.

People do not buy products and services, they buy personalities.  They want to know the people behind the product before they will commit to purchasing.

Lean Into Curiosity

Use Your Values to Niche Down

Robyn was interviewed by Deanna Frances of the Lean into Curiosity podcast. Robyn shared how to base your niche on your values and apply your values to the core of your business.

"We can't be happy and effectively serve others if we are swaying away from who we are at the core." - Robyn Graham

Put Your Passion to Work Podcast

The 5 C's of Professional Branding

Robyn was interviewed by Michelle Marie of Put Your Passion to Work Podcast. Robyn shared her 5 C’s of personal branding and to use them to connect with your ideal audience and build the know like and trust factor.

Sensi Magazine

A Brand New You

Jenny Wilden of Sensi Magazine interviewed Robyn and asked about personal branding.  In the article featured on page 34 Robyn shares the importance of a having personal brand. Read the article and learn the definition of personal branding, what a personal brand consists of and much more. Find the article on page 34.

Thrive Global

How to Brand Yourself Like a Celebrity

On this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with Robyn Graham, personal branding expert and the owner of Robyn Graham Photography. Robyn helps entrepreneurs and professionals “create and elevate” their personal brand so that they can stand out and serve their dream clients. She is also the creator and host of The Second Phase Podcast.

Side Gig Central Podcast

Side Gig Central - Elena Ciccotelli

On this episode of the Side Gig Central Podcast, Elena talks with me about "creating and elevating" your personal brand. During this episode you’ll learn:

  • The 5 C’s of personal branding
  • Why being the face of your brand will kick start your side gig biz
  • Real examples of entrepreneurs (and celebrities!) that have super strong personal brands and how you can use them as inspiration to build your own

The Business of Photography Podcast

Robyn is interviewed by Bryan Caporicci of Sprout Studio

Episode #420 of the podcast features an interview with Robyn Graham about building a brand & personal branding photography.

RVNTV Interview with Kristin Smolda

Entrepreneur State of Mind and Personal Branding Strategy

This Is It TV

Cheldin Bartlett Rumer interviews Robyn about personal branding on This Is It TV

The Successfully Screwed Podcast

You Can Google That!

As you start out and grow your business, you don't know what you don't know....but you better start figuring it out!

In this episode, we talk to Robyn about HOW she figured stuff after a low point, and how YOU can figure stuff out, even if you don't have a ton of money to invest into it.

The Lora Shipman Show - Episode #117

Mentor Mashup With Robyn Graham, Allison Scholes, and Shannon Baker

Lora is super excited to share this episode with you! Today, you get to hear from 3 of her mentors - people she trusts, who have expertise in areas she's looking to improve and perfect. Do you have mentors, people who you look to, to help you along the way to your goals? If not, and you aren't sure how to find them, this episode is for you!

Living Life 2.0 with Jacqueline Robinson and Sabrina Teekah

Living a Fulfilling Second Act

What a joy to have the opportunity to talk with someone who has truly found her passion, purpose and is living a fulfilling second act! Robyn said that she always wanted to have a high powered job and wear a suit but juggling two careers and no longer having family support forced her and her husband to make a decision. Her husband encouraged her to pursue her hobby of photography as her new career.

Blogging led her to getting her first client as a photographer, a pianist. She encouraged her to paint her toe nails bright red and shot her sitting on top of a piano with her feet on the piano keys! Robyn says that after seeing the results of that shoot she new she had found her passion and purpose.

Social Media for Mompreneurs with Alison Scholes

The Personal Branding Formula

Are you ready to truly understand your personal brand and define your 5 C’s and 5 W’s?

If you’re wondering what this is all about, then listen as Robyn Graham gives us tips and strategies on how to be the face of our brand!

All your personal branding questions will be answered today!

The Bucks Podcast 10x10 With Tracy Timby

Differentiating Yourself: Your Personal Brand

The Bucks County Community College has a new podcast, The 10 x 10 Podcast.

The first season launched October 10, 2019. You can listen to Season 1 HERE.

The Dean of the college, Tracy Timby interviewed me and asked the question, “how do we differentiate ourselves through a personal brand?”. If you are looking for tips on personal branding, click the button below.

Set to Lead Podcast with Mary Ann Samedi

Building Your Personal Brand Visually

The Set to Lead Podcast is a mentoring space to listen to critical conversations with workplace leaders. I walk through how to build your personal brand with an impactful visual story and a focus on your authentic self. I talk about strategies to use photography to improve your personal brand, my aha moments from reading a book, the difference between personal branding and marketing and much more.

WDVR Let's Talk Radio with Claudine Wolk and Andy Kin

Personal Branding through Visual Content

Claudine and I talked about personal branding and the value of being the face of your brand. She asked questions about the importance of a professional headshot, great visual content, using social media to market your business and more. I shared information on the importance of identifying your niche and creating content to reach your ideal audience. Andy, Claudine’s partner, even pretended to be a prospective branding client. We talked about ways he could grow his photography business by using the power of personal branding. John, another radio personality, got us a little off track by asking whether having tattoos and women wearing skirts and high heels can influence how your personal brand is perceived. Listen in for my answers…they might surprise you. Or...if you don’t have time to listen to the entire interview, know that if either of those is authentic to who you are, they are A-OK by me!

The Lora Shipman Show - Episode #79

Photo Shoots for Social Media - Tips, Tools & Tricks

This episode is one that you will want to save and listen to several times!  It is all about getting your photos, headshots, and images right!  I share my very best photography tips and techniques.  You won't want to miss a single second!

The Lora Shipman Show - Episode #74

Finding Your Niche Using Robyn Graham's Brand Equation

You know the saying... "the riches are in the niches" but, what if you can't find your niche? What if you don't know what it is or who you should be serving. On today's podcast, I share my brand equation designed specifically to help you find your niche!

4 Chicks Chatting

Building a Brand That Sells

What is a personal brand, and why is it important? According to Robyn Graham, one of the 4 Chicks and a branding expert, your brand differentiates you from the crowd. In our visual, virtual and extremely social world, people decide quickly whether they want to know you, and, important in business, whether they want to buy from you. Tune in to learn how to build your brand from our resident “brandographer”, Robyn Graham!

After Six Club - #AmbitiousTribe

From Pharmacy to Photography - On Helping Brand Tell Their Visual Story

Before I was able to pursue my love for photography, I had to make an important decision. This is my story and how I was able to use passion to drive my ambition forward.  #AmbitiousTribe.

The Mompreneur Mastermind Show with Stefanie Gass

Visual Storytelling & Branding through Photography

Do you think your photos actually matter?! Stephanie wasn't sure how much until her epic interview with me. I explain how you can use photos to tell stories and why photos actually get more visibility than your captions! I also give insight into creating a stellar brand using something I call 'brandography'.

Plus, we'll dig into professional photo shoot tips, tricks, and hacks. Ready, set, go. Say cheese!

Lady Boss Blogger

Branding Yourself Through Story Telling

As the Philadelphia region’s premier brandographer, Robyn Graham helps entrepreneurs build their brand with authenticity and purpose through the power of visual storytelling.

Robyn’s signature method combines her passion for photography with her background in the corporate world to not only capture her clients’ true personality, but to strategize with them on how to best leverage their branding imagery for SEO on their website and social media platforms.

Bucks County Community College 2018
Women's Entrepreneur Summit


Bucks County Community College 2018 Women's Entrepreneur Summit

Personal branding, especially when starting a business, can be overwhelming. It is essential to take a step-by-step approach and focus on your values, your passions, and your avatar to develop your brand, while enhancing your branding content with compelling visual images. Your brand must garner an emotional connection with your audience. This presentation will focus on establishing your brand and building an emotional connection with your ideal client, utilizing unique and amazing visual content for your website and your social media platforms. The program also demonstrates creative ways to use visual content, how to get noticed on social media, and how to improve SEO through visual branding. This interactive presentation engages the audience by exploring attendees’ use of branding while suggesting enhancements to that branding based on the principles discussed throughout the program to help the audience gain a complete understanding of designing a brand from start to finish.

Life 2.0 Community TV Interview

I Want to Inspire Others

One of my dreams is to be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. A quote from Ellen is what I want to meet her. “Here are the values that I stand for: honesty, equality, kindness, compassion, treating people the way you want to be treated and helping those in need. To me, those are traditional values.” ~ Ellen DeGeneres

My dream has not yet come true, but I had my big TV debut. Jackie Robinson of Life 2.0 Community asked me to be interviewed on her TV show, which airs on Princeton Television. I got to sit on a comfy sofa, answer questions and tell my story. I felt like a little kid who was in the candy store, or toy store, and told that I could have anything I ever wanted. I was absolutely giddy with excitement.

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