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Doing what feels right to you so that you can attract clients with ease! And this starts with creating a successful marketing plan that is authentic to you.

A successful marketing plan will help you attract clients, build trust, address objections, and capture sales with ease.

When you do the work you love, you help others see that anything is possible. It helps others have inner security and live joyful lives. When we get to do what we love and help others to do what they love, we create a ripple effect of good in the world. And that is why having a great marketing plan in place is so important.

4 things to help you discover the marketing plan that makes sales easier

People often want to know how to get more clients. Look at these 4 categories.

The 4 categories of a marketing plan that will help attract more clients

  1. Messaging – do people understand what you do?
  2. Services – sometimes people don’t meet their revenue goal not because of not having enough clients, but the need for a shift in packages or services.
  3. Strategy – what are the three parts of your funnel and where is the clog? A funnel should flow.
  4. Mindset – sometimes you don’t have a problem, you just think you have a problem. You may just not be showing up the way you need to be to consistently communicate your message to get results.

Once you have reviewed all of these categories, you can begin to create a signature marketing system.

However, if you don’t have a positive mindset, you aren’t going to show up and do what needs to be done.

Likewise, if your message isn’t clear, you can market yourself to death but you still aren’t going to attract clients.

3 components of a signature marketing plan

How do you want to show up to attract clients? What is going to work for you to attract clients? Once you know how to get clients, you can do it on repeat.

It is important to know that you do not have to have fancy bells and whistles to make your marketing strategy work. You can set up a funnel using your email marketing platform and do it authentically to you so that it feels good.

Even if you have a system and everything is in place, you still need to know how to sell. More and more people want to know you and want high touch, which means you have to know how to sell, to build relationships. No software system can build relationships for you.

Robyn emphasized the importance of having a personal brand and differentiating yourself to build relationships, and trust. Trust determines buying practices so one must build it to achieve success.

Part of selling is helping people get to know you and building relationships. When you educate people on what you do, how you do it, and what differentiates you and makes you unique, you demonstrate why you are trustworthy. This helps people trust you.

Communicating how you help your people and control what other people think, say, and feel about you is imperative to building relationships, and trust. Again, trust is what helps convert people to paying clients.

Selling starts at the top of your funnel. It begins in your Instagram bio and explains what you do. Sales take time and you get better as you practice it.

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If you come from a place of service, you don’t feel like you are selling. Every opportunity you’ve experienced on your life journey has given you the ability to now serve your clients. Use this expertise to help other people more effectively, with more ease, grace, and confidence.

Start selling by having clarity around who you are, what you do, and the problem you solve, so that when you get on a discovery call, the person already has clarity around who you are. Likewise, they already trust you.

If you aren’t showing up and selling, you are doing a disservice. Sales is not a blind date, it is a long-term relationship that you get to create online.

Look at sales as creating opportunities for your audience, if you are selling a 1:1 coaching service you are giving the most value a person can get from you through that program. So share about it.

It is so beneficial to have someone else’s eyes on your business. We often don’t see things or know what we don’t know. Likewise, we often don’t realize how incredible the gift of what we know and can do is.

Similarly, a business coach isn’t emotionally tied to your business. She won’t have the same fears or beliefs and can therefore give you a new perspective and lead you to positive and impactful decisions.

What is a sales funnel and does your marketing plan need one?

A sales funnel looks like a triangle, it has three main parts.

The first part is visibility. This is how you meet people, putting yourself out into the world. Posting in the digital world is very passive, you don’t necessarily know how many people see it or it resonates with it.

The next part of the funnel as it starts to get more narrow is like posting on Instagram and then someone sends you a direct message, which leads to a conversation with them. From there you invite them to your Facebook group and begin nurturing them.

Your funnel can look any way you want. Don’t forget all the touchpoints along the way. You can choose to use Instagram, a Facebook group, email marketing, or a podcast.

Another decision is your process for nurturing your leads. The way you move your clients from one part of your funnel to another is important.

The last part of the funnel is sales. However, we talked about sales being at the top of the funnel. Therefore, sales begin with your content and messaging.

Shana sees people with massive followings and tons of engagement, but they aren’t converting clients. Typically, the problem is in the middle part of the funnel, the nurturing piece. Your job on a sales call is to show up and answer their questions.

50% of sales happen in the follow-up. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to communicate and nurture.

In addition, you must be able to address objections during the nurturing process. This allows you be proactive and makes sales calls easier.

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Is it possible to have a successful marketing plan without social media?

Yes, you can have a successful marketing plan without social media. There are several ways you can market and nurture your audience without social media. These include referrals, collaborations, and many other ways. You do not have to be on social media, but if you are on social media, you need to be all in.

Social media could go away at any point in time, but you own your email list.

Robyn referred to Ryan Holiday’s book, Growth Hackers. Ryan talks about how growth comes from referrals and people spreading the word about you.

Even if someone doesn’t hire you, they may refer others to you once you’ve built a relationship with them.

Part of the system is deciding on how you want to show up and where you show up. For example, do you want to write long blog posts or create videos? The important thing is to create content the way it feels good to you. This is a mindset shift.

Is your belief holding you back?

We often think that there is a problem in our business but the problem is actually in our thoughts.

If your mindset isn’t positive and pure, doubt, overwhelm, and frustration will overrule your business.

Our emotions determine our actions and our thoughts influence our emotions. This has everything to do with your business. The first belief you must have is the belief in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will believe in you?

Robyn suggested looking at the ROI of the services you provide for your clients. What are you doing for them to make it worth the money you are charging? If you don’t believe in the price you are charging because you provide so much value, people aren’t going to believe the price is worth it.

Look at the life-long potential you are giving the clients that they would not have without you.

The 5 Whys of your business and how to incorporate them into your marketing plan

An example of the 5 whys is a website designer.

Why is what I do important? Because people need websites.

Why is that important? Because people have to have a website to make money.

Why is that important? Because these moms need a way to make money so that they can stay home with their kids.

Why is that important? Because it impacts their entire family and how their kids are going to grow up.

Why is that important? Because raising good humans makes the world a better place.

When you do this exercise you’ll realize, Wow! I am making an impact.

Realize that the work you do matters, and you should get paid for it! If you can communicate this to your clients, you will be able to sell to them.

Your mindset is what will help you have clarity around your message. If you aren’t working on your mindset, your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and actions you won’t move forward.

Everything is possible for you!

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