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Jill Wichner recently shared her journey with Lyme Disease on The Second Phase Podcast. The Podcast Graphic has a photo of Jill with long brown hair, wearing a black v-neck blouse, sitting on a blue velvet chair and smiling with a photo of Robyn on the right hand side where she is sitting on the floor on a white rug with her coffee mug and wearing a black tee that says woman up!


Sometimes, using illness to launch an opportunity makes the illness worthwhile.  No one knows this better than Jill Wichner who suffered from Lyme Disease, lost her job, and started over by following her passion.

About Jill Wichner

Jill Wichner is a copywriter and content marketing strategist whose happy place is showcasing your unique voice and message through strategic storytelling and personality-packed content.  She specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs and small business owners grow more engaged and connected audiences through impactful, high-converting copy that beautifully captures your voice, captivates your audience, and is optimized to get results that will help grow and market your business.

Jill lives in beautiful, Bucks County, PA.

She loves dogs, patient advocacy, Marvel movies, and curling up with a great book.

The First Phase

She began her career in corporate, for a large pharmaceutical company.

Then, the unthinkable happened.  She became ill.  After several months of trying to figure out what was going on with her health, she found out she had Lyme Disease, with two additional tick-borne infections.

The Journey with Lyme Disease

She went through many months of treatment and hospitalizations before she went into remission.

Jill is now on the board of the PA Lyme Resource Network,, a non-profit, where she is an advocate for patient care and the prevention of the disease.

There are Lyme literate medical doctors that specialize in Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment.  If you suspect Lyme Disease, seek out a Lyme-literate medical doctor.

Only about half of people with Lyme Disease present with the bull’s eye rash.  If you have had a tick bite and develop flu-like symptoms, go to the doctor and ask to be tested immediately.

If a patient gets a diagnosis and treatment early, they can be treated and avoid the horrific experience that Jill went through.

Preventing Lyme Disease

If you are going to spend time outside, use bug spray either with Deet or a natural product with eucalyptus.   When coming in from outside put your clothing in the dryer because heat will kill the ticks.  They can survive underwater, so the washing machine won’t kill them.

One of the Deet sprays Jill uses is Repel.  Repel also has a Eucalyptus product.

For clothing, camping gear, shoes, etc.  there is a product by Sawyer called Promethrin.   Always check yourself when coming in from outdoors and take precautions when spending time outside.

The Second Phase

Post her disease, she became a writer and entrepreneur.  She has had a life-long love of words and their power to help us relate to others, makes us laugh, and connect emotionally.

Content that is strategic and emotionally connecting.    She helps small business owners and entrepreneurs build the know, like, and trust factor.

She helps entrepreneurs connect and convert through copy.

When people connect with you through your word, they keep coming back.   She is infusing the client’s personality into the business copy.

You don’t have to over-share or get too intimate with your readers you just have to share enough that you are authentic and your audience can get to know you.

Good copy draws people in, is appealing, and attracts the right people.  You captivate them with your words and they stick around and purchase from you.

What you say is your personality that stays consistent.  How you say it is staying true to your personality that brings people in but also speaks to the pain point of the audience.

Jill focuses mostly on website copy, blog post copy, and email newsletters.

All copy across your entire business should be consistent.  There are different strategies for blogging, website copy, and email newsletters.   For email marketing, you want white space, and no large blocks of text because it can be overwhelming.

Book Recommendation

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

Favorite Quote

What you allow will continue.

Question for Robyn

Have you ever faced the challenge of setting and adhering to boundaries and how do you do it without feeling worried and guilty?

I’ve learned that nothing in my business is urgent.   I can leave work for the evening and respond the next day.    It is like turning off a switch and physically removing myself from the business to focus on my family.   It is a mindset shift to allow yourself the grace to leave work at work and not be constantly checking on it.

Learn to say no and set priorities.

If the business is meant to be yours it will be waiting for you.

Ask yourself, do you want the money, or do you want that precious time with your loved ones?

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