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Discover the joy of living with purpose.


The Silver Lining Of Covid

Covid offered an opportunity to evaluate what we wanted to do and whether or not we are on the right path. The pandemic offered this silver lining to stop and assess if we liked who we are and what we are doing. As Tayna experienced the pandemic, a completely different book than her original intentions, emerged. She began to write about living with purpose.  The questions that arose included who are we, what are we designed to do, and what is it we really want to do in our lives long-term, and how do we set goals to get us there.

The concept that quickly emerged is that goals are not goals, but the vehicles to get us the life we want. That is what living with purpose is about. It’s living beyond our to-do list.

As we check things off of our to-do list we are exhausted and unsatisfied. Why? Because we aren’t tying what we are doing today to that big bold beautiful vision we have of our future.

“On Purpose” became a book about discovering purpose and how to achieve it and live it.

Robyn mentioned that we often set goals but we aren’t clear on the purpose so we aren’t clear on the ultimate goal or how to achieve it. We can’t achieve goals without clarity on our purpose.

Without clarity we become confused, we can’t find joy, and we don’t know what goals to set.

Living with Purpose Means Your Goals are Unique to You

Often times we look around and think, “oh, I should do what this woman is doing” or “I need to do these things too”.  We end up setting our goals based on everyone else’s metrics of success instead of defining what success looks like to us and leaning into our own unique gifts and talents and letting those be the guide.

We find joy and satisfaction when we are aligned with our goals. Going from A to Z. The B to Y is so important. The endpoint can seem so daunting so we need to look at what’s in between, the B to Y, to reach the goals.

Where we are today, and where we want to go, there is a huge chasm. If we put one foot in front of the other every day, we’ll get there so much faster than trying to rush through without being aligned.

Robyn Graham interviewed Tayna Dalton on The Robyn Graham Show. Tayna shared how to begin living with purpose. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Robyn wearing a tan felt hat and a sleeveless ruffled v-neck dress in a soft blueish green color and a photo of Tayna in a circle on the left side of the graphic. Tayna is wearing a black leather jacket and white blouse smiling and looking at the camera. The show logo is above the circle.

The Purpose Equation – For Finding and Living with Purpose

Robyn shared her purpose equation, Values + Visions + Passions = Purpose.

We must be aligned with our values or we will become frustrated.

This ties in with Tayna’s North Star concept that she shared in “The Joy of Missing Out”, your values, visions, and mission are your guiding light and principal. This helps determine your soulmate clients. This is also important with how you run your team and set your boundaries.

How to Discover Your Passions

If you are feeling lost in the day-to-day of motherhood and are struggling to identify your passions, travel back in time. Do reflection work and discover what your passions were before you began the journey of motherhood and expectations.

Dive into who you were when you were a kid. What were the activities you looked forward to?

Tayna gave the example of playing softball. Maybe you won’t play softball as an adult, but what did you like about softball? Was it being outdoors, the team environment, the athleticism, or moving your body? Ask yourself why and you’ll start to see breadcrumbs for things you are passionate about.

Another exercise to discover your passions is diving into what you wanted to be when you grew up. Remember when there were no constraints on you? Why did you want to be that? What was it about being that that made you excited?

Take Off Your Backpack and Start Living with Purpose

We collect so much information over the years and store it. If we take all of the things out of our backpacks and look at the incredible amount of expertise accumulated over the years that we bring to the table. Things we’ve undervalued over the years because they were stored in the backpack.  Tap back into what fuels you.

Robyn reminds us that negative experiences are sometimes where the gold is. Those experiences help us solve problems for others.  People are out there praying for the solution that you solve.

If you don’t solve a problem, you don’t have a business. People don’t buy people, they buy solutions.


We are all multi-passionate. Every person on the planet has more than one thing they love.

It’s important to narrow down first, niche down first, then add on and expand. You can’t be Amazon straight out of the gate. When we do this, we wear ourselves out. Choose to focus.

The cost of greatness is commitment. Commit to doing fewer things so that we can really do them well and then expand.


What are your powers?


What impact does it make?


What is your excitement level? Being good at something doesn’t mean you should be doing it.

Living with Purpose Without Social Media

Tayna has decided to leave social media completely. There is a false belief that if we aren’t promoting our business on social media we are committing business suicide.

Tayna emphasized that for hundreds of years, businesses were successful without social media. We get a little bit lazy and think we have to do what everyone else is doing.

Like many of us, Tayna has a love-hate, mostly hate, relationship with social media. When she gets off of social media, she doesn’t feel good. If this is the case as a grown woman, what is this doing for our kids? Instead of helping make deeper connections, social media has created a disconnect. Often times we get off of social media and add to our to-do lists. It all comes back to comparison and despair.

We have a hard time measuring our own success because we are measuring it on what others are doing. It’s important to look at what success looks like, not the money, not the follower count, but the relationships, the activities, and the things you want to do. Then work backward to discover the financials and the things you need to do to achieve them.

Your values should be driving your business. Tayna refers to this as reconciling her receipts at the end of the day. How do you feel about what you put in the world today? Do you feel good about it? Did you put good in the world? Facebook and Instagram don’t do this so if they aren’t aligned with your values, why endorse it?

The question becomes, how do I deepen my connection without being on social media?

There are so many ways to connect with your soulmate clients and build relationships. The key is to use the platforms that you own, your blog, website, and email list.

About Tayna Dalton

Tayna is the author of “The Joy of Missing Out” and “On Purpose“. She is a productivity expert, author, and speaker.

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