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If you don’t want to use social media to grow your business, you can leverage PR. Using PR to grow your business helps you reach a larger audience, grow your community, and convert more people to paying clients.

How to leverage PR to grow your business without having to experience the anxieties of social media and more. Nina Dafe shares PR tips and strategies you can use to have more impact while making more money.

The benefits of PR are multifold

You can achieve multiple benefits when using PR to grow your business. First, you have an opportunity to reach the masses and be seen as the expert you truly are. Second, you are helping others discover that you are available to help them and guide them. If you don’t pitch for PR opportunities, you always have a no. When you pitch, you have the opportunity for a yes. It’s always worth the effort to pitch and leverage PR to grow your business. 

The misconceptions and myths about PR

The first myth is that PR is only for the elite. This thought brings forth the question: What if my story isn’t grand enough, and who would choose me anyway?

PR is for everyone. Think of it as a larger stage and bigger opportunity to get your name and message out into the world.

Another myth is that if you build a brand and business people will automatically come and find you. You do have to put yourself out into the world and PR is a great way to achieve this.

The third myth is that if you are told no once, everyone else will reject you too. You might receive a no now, but you have the opportunity to sew into that relationship for a future yes.

PR is an opportunity for SEO

If you want to grow your business without social media, PR is an integral part of your marketing plan. PR will help with your SEO because of backlinks to your website as well as from your website to a reputable website (the podcast site). Through backlinks, Google will see you as an expert who provides value.

How to find the right opportunities to leverage PR for your business

  1. Think about you as your ideal client. What do you like to read, and where do you go for information?
  2. Ask your ideal clients where they are going for information. Use polls on social media or with your email list to ask where your community is gathering their information. Be specific.
  3. Follow the leader. Who do you admire and look up to and pitch the places they have appeared?


Get PR ready

Make sure that your brand is ready to share. You have a website and an editor would recognize your expertise and the value you will provide.

Recognize that although the visibility is great, you don’t own the media outlet’s audience so have a way to bring them into your community to nurture them. A lead magnet or tip sheet is an excellent option to give value while collecting email addresses.

Have a consistent message throughout your website and social media accounts. Be sure your values are aligned with the podcast host or editor you are pitching.

What to do and not to do when pitching yourself

  1. Don’t start your pitch by introducing yourself.
  2. Build a report – express your genuine appreciation for previous content they published.
  3. Share how you can add value to what they’ve already done.
  4. Include a summary of your idea – One to two paragraphs to say what the problem is that people are facing, the importance of that problem, and how you can solve the problem their audience is experiencing – include a few bullet points. Be as concise as possible.
  5. Short bio or mini bio to tell them who you are and what your do.
  6. A link to your website, especially a press page where they can see where you’ve been featured before.

Use headings to break up the pitch.

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