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Mother’s Day is just around the corner.  I want to take this moment to recognize all of the moms listening and encourage you to just do it, do the thing you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid or don’t know where to begin.

This episode is dedicated to you, the strong women of the world.

I’ve had a lot of women in my life over the years who have inspired me, introduced me to the world, taught me to work hard, and so much more.  My mom and sisters are my biggest fans and support system.   Until a couple of weeks ago, I still had my grandmother with  me.  I have so many friends who have been guiding stars and pillars to lean on.

Some of the qualities these women have taught me include:
















And the list goes on.

The Most Important Gift

But the best of all is that they’ve taught me to believe in myself and believe in the gifts I’ve been given.

I want to be that woman for all of you!  I want to encourage you, guide you, mentor you, and support you.

You may be sitting at home doubting your gifts or the direction your life is going.   I know this because I’ve been there plenty of times.

But I want you to remember that we all have gifts.  And especially right now, in this time of uncertainty as we move through life in a global pandemic, I want you to remember, that you are special.   You have unique gifts and the world needs those gifts.

There are people out there that are just waiting for you to show up, be their superhero and solve the problem they have that only you can solve.

If you have been contemplating starting a side gig, if you are considering entrepreneurship, if being laid off from your job or anticipating the lay-off has you thinking about starting a new endeavor, or you simply want to rebrand your business, do it now!

Don’t hesitate, Just Do It. 

Get out of your own way and fall back on those women in your life who won’t let you sit on the sidelines.   Reach out to the women you know will push you to do what you’re meant to do and will support you along the way.

I am telling you the world needs your gifts and they need you to share them.

Stop Hiding

Don’t hide.   You are meant to serve others and if you aren’t putting yourself, your energy and your gifts out into the world you are doing a disservice to all those people who you, and only you, can solve a problem for.

You might be looking around on the internet and seeing that other people have already created what you want to create.   Someone else has already started a company in the area of your niche.   So, what!  Those people are serving other people, not your people.  There is enough to go around!

At this time, and going forward as we rebuild post the pandemic, there are going to be opportunities.  Yes, there will be business opportunities, and opportunities to make money, maybe even a lot of money, but what there will mostly be is opportunities to share your expertise and provide value to others.

The more we put ourselves out into the world and let people know what we do and who we serve, the better the world is going to be.

And think of it this way.  If you don’t act, you don’t show up, you won’t be front of mind, the people who need you won’t find you, you’ll never know if you and your idea could have been a success.

If You Do It, God will Equip You

You don’t want to live a life of regret you want to live a life of purpose.  And that purpose is calling you!  God is calling you!   I can assure you, that he doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.   He will be right alongside you and give you every tool and every person you need in your life to do what it is you are meant to do.

So, in honor of Mothers’ Day and the women who have dedicated their lives and careers to supporting others, raising strong, confident women, and building each other up, get out there and do your thing!

And remember, I am here to cheer you on, to build you up, to help you do your thing, whatever that thing may be!

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