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It’s the 100th Episode of The Second Phase Podcast and You’re Going to Get the Inside Scoop!


Special Episode to Celebrate

To celebrate I wanted to do something special so I decided to give you, the listeners, the inside scoop of my life behind the scenes.

I know I’ve said it in previous episodes but my kids are my life!  It was such an honor to showcase their personalities and have them by my side to celebrate this major milestone.


For the 100th episode of The Second Phase Podcast, Robyn Graham had her three children come to the mic for an interview. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Robyn wearing jeans and a blank tank t-shirt sitting on the floor under the window holding a white coffee mug.

The Inside Scoop

Josh – Question 1

If I could personal brand Josh in 20 seconds.

A: “I’m Joshua Graham. Your go-to for everything health, wellness, and fitness.”

Gracie – Question 1

What is your favorite vacation?

A: I don’t really have favorites. But, if I had to choose, Italy, Hawaii, and Costa Rico are probably my top three. Most important for me is spending time with just the five of us having fun and being relaxed.

Sam – Question 1

What is your favorite memory carrying out my life’s dream?

A: I’ve had so many incredible clients and wonderful experiences. So many amazing conversations and inspiring people that I’ve gotten to work with.

Josh – Question 2

Have you set any goals for 2021?

A: I just launched my 1:1 6-month coaching program. My passion is to help entrepreneurs build a strong foundation for long-term success.

I want to reach 50K downloads for the podcast.

There are financial goals that I’ve set and I want to help at least three women brand themselves and their businesses every month.

Sam – Question 2

What drives me in my business and work so hard after being in the business for so long.

A: I am rewarded every single day when I help people build their brands. Seeing them light up when they realize something and to be able to capture their true essence and feel confident and beautiful.

I also love to help others succeed and see my goals come to fruition.

But, an important note, is that when you are passionate about something, it isn’t like work.

Josh – Question 3

After a long day of work, what is the first thing you do to relax?

A: Just being together to talk or play games.  I love a good book, a cup of tea, or a glass of wine, or maybe a good TV show.

Gracie – Question 2

Do you ever miss when you used to just take pictures and put them in galleries?

A: Yes, I do. But, because I’m so busy I don’t get the opportunity to just create still lifes like I used to. But in 2021, I do hope to get back into it.  Photography actually is one way I relax, the creativity takes me away.

Sam – Question 3

What is the biggest driving factor for my business?

A: When I first began, it was practicing. I loved to photograph and create and learned as much as I could.  But, I love to work with people and love human connection.  That is what drove me to do portrait photography.

There was a fear component to jumping straight into portrait photography. But once I had my first shoot, I fell in love with working with branding clients. Then, over the years, I realized how much I could help people and teach them from a branding perspective and that is what set me on the trajectory of coaching and working with clients the way I do today.

Josh – Question 4

Do you see yourself staying in this phase, or do you see yourself moving onto something else?

My next goal is to publish a book and become an author.

Turning the Tables on The Inside Scoop

What has inspired you to get the degrees you are on the course to get and who were the big influencers in your life.

Josh – Answer

I have a passion for learning chemical and biological processes in the body and how food affects the body.

Growing up you always taught me not to accept everything but challenge it. You showed me all of your work ethic. You’ve always been an inspiration and taught me how to find out and promote who I am and who I want to be.

 Sam – Answer

I just always knew I was going to go to college. Everything about sports is what led me to Syracuse to study sports management so that I can be an agent.

The biggest inspiration for going to school and wanting a good life is seeing how hard mom and dad worked. We come from a long line of people who work hard and I want to carry on that tradition.

Gracie – Answer

I’m not exactly sure what I want to be yet.  (Gracie was being shy.)

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