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Why should you identify your niche?

Identifying Your Ideal Clients

Identifying your niche is necessary for knowing who your ideal audience is.   Unless you know specifically what it is you do best, you cannot engage with or market to the audience that you want to serve.   Let’s use psychology as an example.

If your passion is working with teens with anxiety but you spend most of your time working with adults going through a divorce, you are not doing what you do best, what you love, or serving the right audience.  When you aren’t serving the right audience, you cannot create content that is going to engage with and interest the audience that you want to serve.   If your website and social media content are all about adults and divorce, how will anyone know that your passion and niche are working with teens with anxiety?   You have to put yourself in the market that you want to serve.

Spreading Yourself Too Thin

When you are working in your business and doing things that you really don’t want to be doing, you are taking time and energy away from what you do best,  your niche.   When you aren’t focusing on your passion and your niche you will lose the joy of your work.  It will also prevent you from focusing on building your business around the brand you intended to be.    If you don’t identify your niche and continue to be a Jack or Jill of all trades, you will burn out and not have the energy needed for your business to continue to grow.  You will become frustrated, exhausted and unhappy.   When this happens, the quality of your work and your level of customer service will decrease.  The bottom line will be your unhappiness and your client’s dissatisfaction.


Why is a niche so important?


The Headaches

Identifying your niche will allow you to work with people that you want to serve.  The people that appreciate you, respect your work, and aren’t going to complain about your pricing.  They will see the value in your expertise and be willing to pay a higher price for your specialty.  When you declare your niche, you are letting the world know that you are an expert in that area and are valuable to everyone who needs your service.

Establishing yourself as the expert and start getting the clients that you want, will alleviate the headaches.   You may periodically have a client who is frustrating or challenging to work with, but when you are working in your niche, you are going to be happier, you are going to be fueled by the work you are doing, you are going to attract the right customers, and you are going to be able to provide better customer service to all of your clients, which will result in fewer complaints and more effective resolutions when complaints do arise.

The Bottom Line

Identifying your niche will help people realize that you are an expert.  People will acknowledge that you are especially skilled and they are willing to pay more for your service.  When people are willing to pay you more, you can take on fewer clients or patients and have more free time.   Win-Win!

The Struggle is Real

Are you struggling to identify your niche?  My previous blog post explaining my brand equation will help you.   The brand equation works beautifully to help people identify their visions, values, and passions, which collectively compose your niche or personal brand.

Pia Silva was instrumental in my process of changing my business model and working only in my own niche.   I highly recommend her book, Bad Ass Your Brand.

If you would like to learn more about identifying your niche and building your personal brand, please schedule a free strategy call with me.  My Building a Brand that Sells through Trust Program may be just what you are looking for to launch your brand into a new level of success.

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