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The Hustle Mindset

Stefanie Gass is a coach who believes in doing less and making more.   She doesn’t believe in the hustle mindset.  Similarly, she believes that doing ads and spending thousands of dollars isn’t the key to success.  Success comes from speaking directly to your audience and providing value from a place of service.   

Stefanie is the host of the Mompreneur Mastermind Show.   If you go back to Episode 5 of the podcast you can learn more about Stefanie and her journey from corporate executive to networking marketing success to online entrepreneur. 

Stefanie Gass interviewed on The Second Phase podcast to share insight on how to stop the hustle mindset and focus on our ideal avatar to grow our business. Stefanie is featured on the bottom right hand side of the podcast graphic, smiling and looking at the camera.

The Struggle is Real

Many entrepreneurs struggle with discovering how to grow a business, get more followers, and get more people to resonate with their content. They try so hard to no avail.  Showing up everywhere, pouring out their hearts and it’s so much with little benefit.

You Can’t Do It All

The truth is that in order to be seen and heard as an entrepreneur, you have to stop doing everything and pick one thing.  Choose to speak to one person, your ideal avatar.  Have extraordinary clarity on who that is and make sure your message is clear and directed to your avatar.

Keep the Focus

Likewise, instead of falling into the hustle mindset of talking to everyone everywhere, start solving your avatar’s problems for free, in one place.   And then, don’t look up.   Just serve and solve the problem over and over again for six months to a year.

Pour out free information over and over again and don’t get distracted by all of the shiny tactics that you hear about and see on social media.

If you do this in your business, Stefanie “almost” guarantees you’ll have success.   When you follow this process, you will find success and make revenue.

The important thing is not to be influenced by what other people are doing.  The hustle mindset will lure you into trying to do what everyone else is doing.  Don’t fall for it.

If you spend time getting to know your audience, you will be able to figure out what they need and be able to create exactly what they need.


The validation of your gifts and how you can help your audience is between you and God.  Don’t look at what others are doing, focus on how you can help the people who you are meant to serve.  Speak your truth and pour content out into the world and look down to focus on creating and listening to the feedback.

  1. Look down instead of up.
  2. Put your gifts out into the world.
  3. Look at your analytics. Where is your traction?  You only need your audience to tell you what’s working.   You don’t need feedback from external sources.
  4. Long-form content is key. You want to be on the platforms that you own, not social media.
  5. Serve and give value for free.
  6. Build your personal brand around your values.

The More You Give, The More You’re Blessed

Remember, the more you give the more you are blessed.   You can’t give too much away to grow a business.  When we help and give and serve, God gives us everything we need.  At times when we aren’t serving, we aren’t coming from a place of good intentions.

Steps to be seen and heard over the next year

  1. Have absolute clarity.
  2. Know who you are serving and how you serve them.
  3. Identify your avatar’s problems.
  4. Know how you can solve the problems for your audience.
  5. Have long-form content: podcast, blog, YouTube, and repurpose the content.
  6. Content should educate your audience and solve problems for her (for free).
  7. Use SEO and trigger words for podcasts and blog posts.
  8. Facebook group – drive traffic to a tight-knit group so that your audience feels seen and heard.
  9. Make money – if your audience loves all the free information, then teach them how to do it through online courses.

Don’t look up and focus on your gifts and how you can serve and you will grow a brand and business so much faster.   Start with your gifts, and your abilities that you feel at peace with instead of looking at what other people are doing.   Get in line with what God wants in your business and you’ll find success.   Let the external sources slide.  They will not help you grow.

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