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How to Sell on Instagram Without Being Pushy


How to Sell on Instagram: Strategy is Key – Create a Content Strategy First

If you want to sell on Instagram you’ll need a content strategy. You can no longer put a post up and expect it to convert. Nicole suggests reverse engineering your content strategy.

For example, are you getting ready for a launch? What is going on right now in your business that you can strategically post about to drive traffic to that offer? Think of it as pre-launch and launch content. Pre-launch content prepares your audience that a launch is coming.

Prior to launching, educate your audience and help them recognize that they have a problem and you have the answer to solve the problem.

Robyn Graham interviewed Nicole Riccardo on The Second Phase Podcast. Nicole taught 5 strategies on how to sell on Instagram using your free content. On the podcast graphic is a photograph of Nicole with long red hair, wearing glasses and a black dress while smiling and looking square on to the camera. On the left side of the graphic is a photo of Robyn sitting on the floor wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that says woman up. The logo of the podcast is in the top right corner.

The Content Categories that Nicole Uses to Sell on Instagram Include:

Triggering Content

Address the mistakes commonly being made by the people who are a perfect fit for your program. Also, debunk the myths that are currently circulating regarding your expertise. Likewise, help them understand the things they don’t know. These are often found in the questions that you receive from your audience. Get in the head of your ideal client and recognize what they need.

Limiting Beliefs

Address limiting beliefs that your audience may have. Likewise, strengthen their belief that your program or offering is the solution to their problem. People need to believe in you and in themselves.

Imposter Syndrome, fear, and money mindset are two limiting factors frequently observed in the female entrepreneur community so the content you create that helps them overcome these factors will be beneficial.


What are the objections that come up for your audience? Address them. Include this in your regular content. Post about the importance of investing in yourself. Provide proof of how you’ve seen an ROI on investing in your business.

Similarly, repeatedly post content that is important and provides significant value. Address objections and limiting beliefs. Your audience will not see every post you create and publish. A safe way to handle objections is to share how things have worked for you versus trying to counter their objections during a sales call.


Think tip posts. However, you can’t give everything away. Give enormous value, but don’t give everything away. Again, use the questions that your audience and clients ask you to come up with educational content. Answer the questions and provide tips and tools to help them.

Our job as entrepreneurs is to read between the lines and discover why your audience actually asks the questions they have. Is there a larger or deeper problem? Nicole gave the example of someone asking how to get more engagement but the thing they really want is more clients. Tips on how to get more engagement likely won’t help them, but a tip on conversion would. When you recognize this, you can connect and offer a call to action to help them further.

Personal Posts

Don’t forget to do personal posts too. Your audience wants to get to know you. People want a fun break. An example is posting about your puppy, or maybe two truths and a lie.

Where to Direct Messages Come into Play when Trying to Sell on Instagram

Nicole used the example of liking candles and reaching out to someone about the candle in their post. Build relationships and build a human connection. It isn’t about making a sell, but about building relationships. Likewise, show gratitude for your followers and those who take the time to comment and engage with you. This is an opportunity to build the know like and trust factor.

Instagram Algorithm

Engagement shows Instagram that you have a relationship. When Instagram sees that you have a relationship, they are more likely to show your content to the people you interact with. Without building relationships, the conversion will not occur.

Once you build the relationships, people will support you and ultimately buy from you.

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About Nicole Ricardo 

After many years of working for other organizations and managing their social media accounts, Nicole decided to branch out on her own. Today she helps freelancers, creatives, and entrepreneurs through her digital marketing agency, NR Media. She also packages up everything she knows with no gatekeeping in her digital courses and coaching.

Nicole saw an opportunity to help others. She was being asked questions and quickly realized she has the skill set to help and thus created her business.

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