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About Chelsea

As a Certified Gut Health coach specializing in Health Optimization through Gut Health and the Abundance Mindset, Chelsea believes that with a healed gut, healing your mind and soul is inevitable.

Chelsea Haines helps women finally heal their gut so they can live their happiest and most abundant lives. She believes that:

  • If we want things to be different, we have to do different things.
  • The body can and does heal itself if given the chance.
  • We have everything that we need, we must simply let go of that which is no longer serving us.
  • Our Intuition is wise, and we CAN and MUST trust our gut!
  • Life does not have to be either/or, and it can be all and more!

Chelsea Haines interviewed on the second phase podcast to talk about gut health. On the podcast graphic is a photo of chelsea wearing a pink pashmina with a long necklace with a stone pendant in the bottom right hand side of the graphic.

Life is similar to Digestion

First and foremost, realize we are talking poop!

The journey of self-development and everything that unlearning, releasing, and letting go, is very similar to digestion.  That is exactly what our bodies do when we have a bowel movement.   We release toxins that don’t serve our bodies.

Digestion is when we chew our food and swallow down and simulate what we need, then get rid of what we don’t need.  If we are digesting our life experiences and learning from them, digesting the juiciness of the experiences, then we are letting go of the things that are keeping us small, causing limiting beliefs and holding us back, and keeping us stuck.

Trauma and Gut Health

Chelsea’s childhood led her to have a mindset of scarcity and that money wasn’t meant for her, that it was meant for others.   She was on a compare and despair spiral for many years of her life.

Likewise, Chelsea felt she had to prove her worth.  The stress of having to prove herself resulted in an autoimmune disease which in turn led to anxiety.  The more the anxiety rose, the more health problems and stress she felt.

Finally getting fed up with the vicious cycle and not satisfied with putting a Bandaid on a bruise, Chelsea decided to seek help outside of the dermatologist.

At that time, she decided to invest in a health coach.  She knew she no longer wanted to invest in sickness and pay money for healthcare that wasn’t working, so she decided to pay for health and try to heal from the inside out.   After doing cleanses and removing inflammatory foods from her diet and changing her mindset, she was on the road to healing.

Mindset and Gut Health

As a health coach, Chelsea never looks at gut health as either or.   The mindset piece of it is so very important.

The mindset piece is the understanding that if we live in a grasping, elimination, and sacrificial mindset, then we are living in scarcity.  The diet mentality of having to work out more and eliminating things from your diet and life that give you pleasure is miserable and not sustainable.

The pivotal of shifting into an abundance mindset is to look in the mirror and say, “man, I’m living in a place of scarcity and I think I’m willing to change that.”  That is the hardest piece of healing.

The gut health piece is much easier than the mindset piece.

Trust Your Gut, Trust Your Intuition

Chelsea’s health coaching business is based on trusting her intuition, trusting that which is greater than her, God, and the Holy Spirit.  She views herself as a vessel to whatever ears are there to hear her messages.

Her physical healing was directly correlated to her emotional and spiritual healing and they fed each other. It was s systematic shift from a fear and scarcity mindset to a trust and abundance mindset all while going on the physical journey of releasing the things that were no longer working for her, eliminating the toxins of her life, absorbing the life lessons, and no longer being victimized by the things that were seemingly hard and feeling like she is a victor from there.

Through hardships, she learned things that without them, she wouldn’t have learned.

Small Manageable Lifestyle Shifts Start with Recognition of Mind Body Spirit.

That which is greater than us.  The life force that is within us makes us want to beat a drum or dance.  This starts with the physical body, the breath.  It is the most tangible thing.  The thing you can taste, see, feel, and hear.  This is where we get measurable results.

If you are struggling, implement help.  A local doctor, a health coach.  Start with figuring out the physical problem and what you need for your body.

A State of Rest and Digest for Gut Health

The secondary deeper layer is following your gut and making decisions that aren’t emotionally based.

Trauma is a very broad spectrum, but it sends us into a survival state.  The process of being able to come back to a place of trust and make conscience decisions to make daily habit changes begins with dropping back down to a state of rest and digestion.

Rest and Digest

This is the baseline that we are meant to be operating from, not fight or flight.  It is important to slow down.   It’s not about doing more, it’s about being different.   It’s about implementing these slow, small changes that will get us back to rest and digest.

Small habit changes for Gut Health

  1. Shift into rest and digest
  2. Breath deeply to digest your food more appropriately
    1. 5 – 5 -7 Rule
    2. Breath in for 5 seconds, pause for 5 seconds, and exhale for 7 seconds
  3. Be comfortable with our emotions…shift from guilt and shame to hope and joy and reason and desire
  4. Ask yourself who are you while you are eating.
    1. Is stress dictating how your feel?
    2. Are you using food to cope with life?
    3. Deep breathing can help you enter a place of calm.
  5. Chew your food to applesauce consistency
    1. Spend time eating mindfully
    2. Chew about 32 chews to get your food to applesauce consistency

Relearning Pleasure and Desire by Following Intuition

Intuition is the remembering of what we already know to be true.

As women, we’ve learned that desire is going to lead us down a bad road.

There are so many levels of desire and pleasure, but as women, we need to relearn what we’ve outsourced.  Pleasure and desire are good things.   We don’t need to live in the confines of the boxes that society has put us in.

Come back to intuitive knowing, which will help improve gut health and emotional stability.


If your physical body has been damaged, then you need to embark on a healing journey.  You cannot heal in the environment that got you sick.   So being willing to make change is critical.  The body can and will heal if given the chance.

The Root of Growth and Development

  1. Humility
  2. Self-awareness
  3. Self-accountability

Habit change and Accountability

Attach to your why.  Think about the bigger purpose and reason you are making this change.   Part of healing is reestablishing your habits.  If we don’t make the effort to take action, there will be no change.  Responsibility must be taken to realize that bad things happened, but they didn’t happen to you, they happened for you.

Your desires are leading you to your purpose.  Invest in them, invest in yourself.  Make the commitment to gut health and emotional health, joy, and abundance.

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