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From Broke with an AutoImmune Disease to Thriving Entrepreneur

In Episode 3 of The Second Phase Podcast, Lora Shipman joins Robyn to tell her story and share her journey from broke with an autoimmune disease to thriving entrepreneur.

From Broke to Thriving Entrepreneur. The second phase podcast graphic is a pink square with a photo of Lora Shipman and a quote from the podcast episode. Lora has long hair parted from right to left. She is resting her chin on her palm and smiling while wearing a black v-neck top.

Lora’s Journey

Lora is an expert digital marketer and podcaster. Her 1st phase was in corporate communications. She was soaring and enjoying a successful career when she had her daughter and decided she wanted to stay home with her. Then, something changed.   

Lora became very ill and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease. She was physically unable to work outside her home for quite some time and had to get very creative with her next career move.   

The Last $60

She took her last $60 and put her resume on a job search platform, She landed a role that changed her life forever.

Not even knowing what a virtual assistant was, she became one. This experience led her to become a content creator.   

Successful Entrepreneur

She is now a successful entrepreneur and creates content for others by helping them market themselves on-line using social media platforms.   

Lora’s journey is inspiring! Join Lora and me as we talk about her journey to the Second Phase and how she has built her personal brand.

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