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Lori Rosolowsky interviewed on the second phase podcast to discuss creating a business from the art we create. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Lori on the bottom right hand corner under the logo wearing a coral sweater and a straw cowboy hat smiling and looking up at the camera. On the left of the graphic is a photo Robyn sitting on a white rug wearing jeans and a black sleeveless tee that says woman up on the front.

About Lori Rosolowsky 

Living out her passion for music and art, Lori helps others navigate their journey to the stage, the concert hall, the theater, and other venues.

Lori Rosolowsky is a Bozeman, Montana-based pianist, singer-songwriter, educator, performer, and producer.  She is the CEO and founder of Open Sky Artists, LLC, an arts management and consulting firm.  Lori and her team at Open Sky Artists create flourishing partnerships for artists and venues while producing captivating events. She supports the work of dozens of artists and venues across the country.

Lori is committed to excellence and integrity.  Both stem from her education in science and music at Oberlin College (B.A.) and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School (Ph.D.).

The connector of People and Ideas

Lori is a connector of people and ideas.  She believes in lifelong learning. As a connector and someone who loves to serve others, Lori created and chairs Wonderlust’s Preludes and Performances, a series of public events for lifelong learners. The series is designed to increase audience engagement of arts offerings in the Gallatin Valley and Big Sky regions of Montana.

Similarly, she initiated and hosts RIVERs, (Rhapsody-in-View Events and Retreats). These private house concerts and shows connect socially conscious organizations with professional performers to increase the flow of resources (audience, awareness, and funds) to all participants.

She is a collaborative pianist (a.k.a, “accompanist”) for students and faculty at Montana State University. Lori is also involved in other musical and theatrical ventures in Bozeman.

Likewise, Lori serves are as Music Director for Verge Theater’s production of Fun Home and as a Board Member of Bozeman Actors Theater.

Lori is married to Dr. Mark Rosolowsky, a scientist, and together they have raised two sons (Kurt, b. 1994) and Cody (b. 2002).  In addition to music and art, Lori enjoys yoga, skiing, biking, and hiking and is a competitive US Masters swimmer.

The First Phase


Lori earned a Ph.D. in Pharmacology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in 1991 and worked in an environmental consulting firm in Princeton for 5 years before the work/life balance became dangerously unstable.  Her marriage was in trouble. The toddler she adored was in full-time daycare. She was working in a high-pressure, non-affirming environment.

Lori was miserable. Because she wanted to save her sanity and her marriage and be the parent she wanted to be, she quit. In the midst of the fear of leaving a secure job, Lori began teaching piano again (a profession she had since age 16).  She also began studying piano again. That led to her second phase.

The Second Phase


Lori began performing classical piano professionally, and over the next 20 years, grew her artistic skills. She became a singer/songwriter and released her first CD two months before delivering their second child. Lori also did community theatre for 11 seasons. She joined a jazz band with her first concert with them being a week after she joined–scary.  Gradually, she led or collaborated on several ensembles of her own, including a jazz quartet, a vocal trio, and a two-woman musical theater show, among others.

Consequently, she needed to promote the shows, and she found she had a passion for words and spreading the word. Lori is a self-proclaimed “incurable connector” and wonders how many tickets she sold or business cards she exchanged in the locker room at her gym!

Another love of Lori’s is creating fundraising concerts and other impactful events.  This love resulted in Lori spending more time producing and promoting events than practicing her craft.  When she and her family moved from PA to Montana in 2016, Lori decided to take those skills and use them to champion her colleagues in the performing arts.  Ironically, her first client at Open Sky Artists was her classical piano teacher from PA.

The Darkness Amidst the Light


Despite her passion for what she was doing and the impact she was making on others in the arts, Lori experienced some dark days.   After her move to Montana, anxiety, and depression resurfaced and powerfully took hold of her.

Recovered and thriving, Lori is now on a mission to share her experience and encourage others not to hide or feel shame if they are struggling with mental health challenges.   Like Robyn, Lori feels that mental health illnesses are no different than diabetes, cancer, or heart disease.  They should be discussed and treated.   There is no shame in mental illness, nor should there be judgment.

The Miraculous Escape


As an artist, Lori is a storyteller.  Her family members escaped the holocaust of Nazi Germany.  Using her talents and gifts, Lori curated a musical to share her family’s experiences.   She shares her passions and talents in so many ways.

Along those lines, as a passionate person, Lori believes that creative thinking allows us to find opportunities in hidden places.

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