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An Entrepreneur’s Journey to Follow a Calling to Change Lives and Impact generations by Creating the Bless App.


About Tara

Tara Eusebi is the founder and chief blesser of Bless App. In 2018, Tara stepped away from a successful career in corporate America to pursue her passion for helping others and follow a calling.

This pursuit led Tara to the creation of Bless App, a mobile application that is bringing communities together to help one another in every part of the world.  Now Tara is on a mission to change the world by changing lives one need at a time, uniting humanity, and impacting generations through the power of Bless.

Tara emphasizes that nothing is worth giving up life and not being able to serve others. As she navigated life as a corporate executive making a large salary she questioned “why on earth am I on earth? She wasn’t fulfilled and wanted more.

And then, a friend asked her a question that changed the course of her career. The question is, what is your passion, what is it that you ultimately want to do?  Tara answered, bless other people.

This was a turning point for her. She hadn’t known that this was a passion until that moment in time.

Tara says humanity is waiting for us to step into our passion to serve others.

Robyn Graham interviewed Tara Eusebi of The Bless App on The Second Phase Podcast. Tara shared how she gave up job security to follow a calling to bless other people. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Tara standing next to a tree, looking at the camera and smiling. Her arms are crossed and she has shoulder length blond hair parted on the side, wearing a black top with colorful circles on it.

The Bless App

When Tara decided to follow a calling to serve others, she took advantage of technology and created the Bless App. She asked herself the question, “if I saw someone in the grocery store would I help them?” Her answer was yes, but she went on to ask another question. “How can I know what they need?” That is the moment Tara came up with the idea to start the Bless App.

Bless App is a platform, for all humanity, where people can help other people and ask for help from others.  It is a place where people can come together to unite humanity.

Tara is on a mission to change the world. She wants you to share a need without judgment but with accountability. The goal is to make lives better.

People on the Bless App are held accountable through a “vouge for me” feature on the app. It ensures people have good motives and are not there to take advantage of others.

The Bless App has ambassadors around the world. If people continue to ask for help but aren’t giving, the ambassadors reach out to the people and ask them to give in return.

The gifts people give are simple, a helping hand, or a conversation. It doesn’t have to be money or expensive items.

The inspiration of the Bless App is to give on purpose with a purpose to change lives and impact generations. We all have the ability to impact others and Bless is all about that!

Debunking the Myth of Need

Everyone has a different perspective on the word need.

One of the definitions of need is having wants or desires. Tara said that humanity at large thinks that if we have a need, we are poor, needy, or not able to make it on our own, and that simply isn’t true. Every single one of us, regardless of the level of life we are at, has needs.

On the Bless App, you can share a need without judgment, but not without accountability.

The Bless App is so much more than a platform, it is a revolution and world changer that is transforming lives and making lives better.

Is it Possible to Follow a Calling?

Tara gave up her career to create Bless. She is living without a paycheck to follow God’s calling.

Bless App is not a faith-based app, but Tara emphasizes to follow a calling is an act of faith and God has called her to serve others. She has had this passion in her heart for helping others since she was a child. To follow a calling and building the Bless App has made Tara realize why on earth she is on earth.

Tara is putting all of her expectations on God to provide for her. Since quitting her job to follow a calling three years ago and Tara has lived without a steady income since that time, but God has provided for her every step of the way.

God wants us to know that he is our source and that we are trusting in him only. A lot of churchgoers say they have faith, but it’s easy to say that when we have no needs. To follow a calling is to trust completely in God. Tara has really learned where her trust leaks are, as she’s walked through this journey.

Support Bless App

No matter what your need, you can ask it on the Bless App. There is no need that you can share that someone on the planet won’t be willing to help with it.

Join the Bless App. You can join to change the lives of others and to be blessed yourself. Join the Bless app to start changing your community and together we can change the world.

You can support Bless by purchasing merchandise from the Bless Shop. If you’d like to support Bless with a monetary gift you can do so through Bless Supply, which Tara set up so that people could give financially to help propel the mission forward.

Connect with Tara on the App.

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