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Barbara Majeski, Today Show and media personality , joins Robyn to “Bare it All” on finding purpose, living authentically, and achieving success.

Barbara Majeski interviews on the second phase podcast and shared how important personal growth, finding purpose and authenticity are for personal and business success.

“Baring it All”

One of Barbara’s lifelong dreams was to be on television.   She is now a media specialist and has been on the Today Show, Inside Edition, The Jam in Chicago, Fox and Friends and so much more.  Her podcast is “Baring it All”.   She shares stories of the grit behind the glamour.


Grace and gratitude for other people and understanding their value is important.  When people are trying and giving their best efforts, they should not be judged.  We need to realize the importance of other people.  Don’t be dismissive of others and their value.

Practicing Self Care

You have to put your oxygen mask on yourself first!  When you give yourself oxygen, some sort of physical or meditative movement makes you a better person.   It’s physical and mental, encompassing your mind, body, and soul.

Self-care is the most selfless thing you can do.   You can’t take care of yourself you can’t serve others.


Questioning her legacy during chemo treatments, she decided to move forward with purpose.  She could have quit at any time during her career but the fact she needed to care for her brother pushed her and gave her purpose.   Her brother actually gave her purpose.  There was no quit, no back door.

Being very humbled, she realized what she was meant to learn and that was to live a life of purpose.   That realization drove her forward.   Realigning with your purpose and serving others is what can keep you going.

Having a bigger stage, and a bigger platform to get her message out was key and that is what drove her to media.   There are so many things she can’t do, just like the rest of us, but she has the gift of speaking and is not afraid to speak out to serve others. Finding purpose, her true purpose, led her to a larger platform to make a bigger difference in more lives.

Moving Fast and Breaking Things for Finding Purpose

Just go for it!  Put yourself out there!  Find your purpose to serve.  You have your own unique gift and how you use it is your pathway to living a good life. Success is a by-product of living in service.  Start on a small level and let us extrapolate out.

The Journey to Media

Once she made her decision to be involved in media, she made it happen.  There was a little bit of luck, a little bit of serendipity, and some experience.

She literally fell out of the sky and landed on the Today Show.   The reality is she found Amy Rosenbloom who is a media trainer.  Amy was a former producer at the Today Show.   Serendipitously Barbara found the biggest deal in TV in New York City.

It was hard work. There were mock training and mock set-ups but it was four months of training.

Can you Move into Your Second Phase?

Yes!  Put the imposter syndrome and negative voices out of your head.   Start with bite-size pieces.  Get yourself in motion. It is the law of inertia.  A body in motion stays in motion.   Think big but act small.   Do one small act every day that will temper those negative thoughts and you will propel forward.

Think big and act small and be willing to invest in yourself.   You are here to do something and to do it well.

Being on the Media

When the mic is thrown at you, get to your story.  Get to the meat and potatoes.   Say it succinctly.   Know your elevator speech.  Be one hundred percent positive about who you serve, why you serve them, and what you do.   Create a mantra that you are ready to say at any time.

Favorite Quote

When you can’t control the wind, adjust your sails. When adversity hits, instead of panicking, remember this quote and think about how you can serve, how you can use your business in this time, and adjust your sails.

About Barbara

Barbara Majeski was a married, stay-at-home mom, raising three kids in the suburbs of New Jersey and living what she believed to be the “good life.” In the summer of 2015, things began to unravel. Barbara’s marriage came to a devastating end and in the midst of grappling with her new reality, Barbara was handed a stage 3 cancer diagnosis. Barbara vowed that if she beat cancer and got another shot at life, she would live bigger, better, and bolder with
greater purpose, meaning, and intent. After two years of treatment, recovery, and divorce, Barbara began pursuing her dream career in media and launched an online community united in personal growth, purpose & authenticity.

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