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At the age of 21, Katina launched her career in corporate finance but quickly realized that her mentors were not living with purpose.  Settling for “good enough” was not good enough for Katina.   Her passions needed to be fueled and she quickly learned that creativity was an avenue to achieve mindfulness and purpose.

Katina Mountanos of "On Adulting" is all smiles as she tells us about her journey with realizing setting for good enough isn't an option. She also shared her wisdom on creativity and how exploring it can help with so many aspects of our lives.

The First Phase

As Katina observed those around her whom she was supposed to be learning from and modeling, she realized that most of them had settled on “good enough”.   They weren’t passionate about their work.   Likewise, they weren’t passionate about life or living with purpose.

It’s really easy to follow the rules and directions other people put on us.   When we realize that as humans we can break rules and make decisions for our own paths and thrive through our passions and serving others, our lives can be more fulfilling.

Once Katina realized this, she began the transition from her first phase of a career in data analytics to her second phase, entrepreneurship.

The Second Phase 

Katina created a blog, “On Adulting”.   Her goal was to live with passion and help others do the same.   She became a life coach and has a podcast to communicate her messages of living with passion and purpose.

Similarly, her most recent venture is “Daydreamers”.  Daydreamers is dedicated to helping humans find creative outlets that will help them live longer and happy lives, be more productive and have less stress.   It’s time to put the devices down, connect with others and live life to the fullest.

Exploring Creativity and Finding Joy Again

Incorporating small aspects of life into your routine can help you live a more fulfilled life.   What made you happy when you were young and had no inhibitions?  Add those things back into your daily routine and see if your days don’t have a little more joy and fulfillment.

Benefits of Creativity

People are facing burnout, loneliness, and a lack of purpose now more than ever.   Seventy percent of people who enter adulthood feel there is a creative gap between what they were feeling and believed they should be feeling in their everyday lives.

Creativity has a plethora of value for wellness and it’s in our DNA.  It helps us live longer happier lives, is truly connected to our brain and heart health, boosts our immunity, and decreases stress.

Creativity is what separates humans from every other being in the animal kingdom.  It isn’t just the arts, but our ability to predict or imagine another future that doesn’t exist right now.   This data comes from the book, “The Runaway Species” by Anthony Brant and David Engleman.

The Data

A study by Adobe stated that productivity increases by 75% when employees are given time and space to be creative.   Another interesting aspect is the impact that creativity has on culture.   It helps people connect and build relationships.

Are you lonely?

We are living in what is considered to be the loneliest society ever despite all of the technology and ways that we have to connect.  Almost all adults today say they only have one close friend.  This in and of itself has major health impacts.

When people engage in creativity, they are more engaged, more likely to be fulfilled, happier, and more likely to connect with others on a deeper level.  More than 50% of people studied reported this.   As humans, we need to be intentional in how we connect with others.

How to Find your Creativity

Recognize that we are all creative.   Realize that things do not need to be perfect.  Unlearn the obsession that you have to create something beautiful for everyone else and just do things for fun, as hobbies.   Don’t have outcomes tied to creativity.   Simply try and experiment and see how you begin to grow and find passion and purpose.

Learn More About Katina and Connect with Her

Katina Mountanos is the founder of On Adulting, a viral blog, and community of over 23,000 millennials who are figuring out how to navigate adulthood in a conscious, happy way (@onadulting).  She is an entrepreneur, writer, and mindset coach whose work has been featured on HuffPost, Fast Company, Teen Vogue, Elite Daily, Mindbodygreen, and others.

Katina started her career in data analytics and environmental sustainability at Goldman Sachs and most recently co-founded a brand new startup called Daydreamers to help everyday adults access creativity more often. Her first book, On Adulting, will be hitting shelves in Fall 2020. Follow along at @onadulting or join the private OA Facebook Group, The Space.



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