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Facebook Ads aren’t a Magic Potion for Your Business, They Are Simply a Marketing Channel


About Jennifer Spivak

Jennifer Spivak is on a mission to help amplify women’s voices in the world through the powerful medium of Facebook Ads. She is known as the conversion queen by Forbes and has generated over $16 million for hundreds of notable clients worldwide.

Jennifer is also on a mission to work less and make more. She a rebel of the hustle culture.

Robyn Graham interviewed Jennifer Spivak on The Second Phase Podcast. Jennifer shared details on Facebook Ads. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Jennifer wearing a lavender dress in front of white and lavender balloons.

The Second Phase

So many people feel stuck and believe they have to stay because they need the money or the benefits and so they live in a happy job. When you want to move into something new, ask yourself the question, do you want to stay stuck, or follow your values, visions, and passions?  Starting a side gig is an option to make money on the side while building your business.

When deciding whether or not to leave her first company, Jennifer was asked by a friend, “how many days in the last month have you thought about leaving this job?”  Her answer was 30 and that was her sign to make the change.

Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads

Setting up the ads is exactly the same, but you choose where the ad will be presented, Facebook or Instagram.  It is best not to look at them differently, and let the algorithm automatically adjust to the best place based on the demographics, etc. that you are looking to target.

Select Facebook and Instagram when setting up the ad and then the algorithm, which knows more than we do, adjust based on where the best results are.

When Should I Run Facebook Ads

Jennifer shared that it is best to wait until your offer, your messaging, and your customer decision journey have been validated.  People think Facebook ads will solve all of the problems in their businesses and help them make more money. But that isn’t true. Facebook Ads are simply a marketing channel.  They are a way to get people into the “thing”, program, funnel, etc.

Facebook ads will get more eyes on the “thing”.  Most people are not ready for ads until they are making at least low six figures.  If you are making less than $100K, your offer isn’t statistically significantly validated so that you can say what your conversion rate will be from the ads.

This is definitely a case-by-case basis. It’s less about the ROI and more about the length of time it is going to take to see the benefit of the ads.

When you are coming in with a validated message, offer, and funnel, the variable, the piece that is being tested is just the ads.  This is when the ads manager should be able to get you results in a few months. If you don’t have a validated variable, it will take more time to test different variables and get the ads correct to reach your audience.

Jennifer believes it’s best to be scrappy to get to the first $100K and wait to do ads until there is validation.

What is the Investment for Facebook Ads?

If you want to run a few ads a day, you can spend as little or as much as you want. The question is, do you have the skills and knowledge to make the ads work for you.

When talking about hiring someone, you can find a freelancer for about $1500 a month to deliver the service, and manage and set up the ads for you. Agencies who manage and set up ads may be $5000 to $10000 per month.  There is a wide range depending on if you are working with a freelancer or agency.

You can spend $500 per month just on the ad piece, without even considering the management and setup.

Know Your Goals for Running Ads

Think about your goals for doing ads and work backward to get a ballpark on what you might have to spend on ads for them to work for you.

Get Baseline Data Through Beta Testing

Testing will give you data to tell you every time you spend X you get a sale, every time you spend X you book a call, and so on. Then you have real data specific to their business and this data will help you determine how much you have to spend for your specific business.

There is definitely value in hiring someone to do the Facebook Ads for you.

Bringing in a Cold Audience vs. a Warm Organic Audience

Ads will bring in a cold audience whereas engagement and relationship-building give you a warmer audience.

In general, a warmer audience will convert higher and need fewer touchpoints because they already know you.

Messaging has to be tweaked for a cold audience vs. a warm audience.

Boost This Post

Is it effective to boost a post?  You will reach a larger audience. It isn’t a question of whether or not boosting a post works, but more so understanding what different types of ads do and are your expectations in alignment with that.

Every type of ad that you run, whether it’s a boosted post or going through ads manager, there is still an important fact that you need to know what you are using the ad for.

Using ads manager is going to drive action and help you convert to sales.

Be sure to think out your customer’s journey and what you want to happen once the person sees the ad, through a boosted post or through the ads manager.

What is a Facebook Pixel?

Absolutely, without a doubt, you need a Facebook Pixel on your website.  The pixel will collect data on the people who are visiting your website so that when you do ads, you can target the right audience.

The Facebook Pixel has two purposes.

Retargeting – anyone who visits your website may need multiple touchpoints. The Pixel allows you to see who visited so that you can then retarget them with additional information or more touchpoints.

Track Actions – Send people to a page to sign up for free training. After they sign up, they end up on the thank you page. There is a special part of the pixel that reads that signup and then Facebook knows what page or ad generated the sale.

This helps set up ads for the lowest cost possible with the best results.

Lead Magnets

For certain types of businesses lead magnets may be creating a certain type of barrier.

When selling a high ticket and done for your service, you are working with a different audience. This audience does not want to do anything for themselves, so will a lead magnet actually help them? They are just looking for the right person with the right message to show up at the right time.

Jennifer believes that just showing up and telling people what she does, is how she makes 7 figures.  Her ads are getting her a 23% conversion rate.

When creating a lead magnet, consider whether your clients are done for your clients or clients who want knowledge to try to do something for themselves.

It is on a case-by-case basis.

Effective Email Sequence

Jennifer uses a funnel of emails. She has a nurture campaign that kicks in after the person books a call. Her email sequence starts when people book a call up until the time the call actually occurs.

This works, because, by the time Jennifer gets on a call with the person, they are warmed up to her and ready to buy.

Think about differentiating yourself through your email sequence.

What it comes down to it, is creating a truly authentic connection that makes a difference and eliminates the need to do proposals. Clients are already buying so no need to send a proposal.

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