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Have you thought of starting and/or monetizing a Facebook group? Is a Facebook group worth your time and effort, or are Facebook groups dead?

The controversy of having a Facebook group. It is still possible to grow and monetize a Facebook group? Is it worth your time and effort? Michelle Vroom believes it is.

About Michelle Vroom

Michelle Vroom is a business coach with more than 15 years of experience with nonprofits, agencies, and big corporations. Now she helps female entrepreneurs reach $10K per month using their Facebook groups. She understands the challenges of limited resources and time and shares her proven methods for visibility and relationship building to get clients and grow your business.

The things you are good at are not a no-brainer for someone else

As coaches, we often don’t specialize until we’ve worked with clients and seen their results and how we’ve really helped them. The thing that we are so good at, we think is basic knowledge that everyone knows how to do to. This isn’t the case.

Are Facebook groups dying off?

Facebook is still the biggest game in town. There will always be a Facebook because of the sense of community in a Facebook Group. You can really build rapport in a Facebook Group. And people need and want that sense of community.

Set realistic expectations for your Facebook group

Michelle stated that her Facebook Group has decreased her sales process by half. Why? Because people enter the group and binge her content so the know love and trust factor is built-in. She doesn’t have to warm them up as much.

The three-step road map for growing and monetizing a Facebook group, the GPS method

  1. Step one is grow (G).
  2. The second step is pre-selling (P). Create demand before selling.
  3. And step three is to sell (S). If you are pre-selling, selling becomes easy.

Using the Destination Strategy to grow and monetize a Facebook group

Michelle uses one single strategy that includes all three steps. Her strategy is to host free live events inside the Facebook group. One of the most important things about growing your group is getting the right people in your group. Hosting a destination event is great because then people are coming for the information. No one comes because it’s a free group, there are so many free groups as is that people don’t need another one to join.

People care about what is happening inside the group. If you host an event people will come based on the information you are providing. Michelle recommends being intentional with marketing your group.

The three questions people answer to join a Facebook group

When you establish a Facebook group, you can set up three screening questions. This is a great way to collect email addresses. How you position your group matters. When you share the type of content you are sharing in your group, instead of the fact that you have a free group, you are more likely to attract the right people to your Facebook group. If you attract the right people, you are more likely to grow and monetize your Facebook group. Don’t focus on the numbers, focus on the quality of members.

If you want to monetize your Facebook, you must have quality leads joining, not just inviting and accepting anyone.

How to pre-sell to monetize your Facebook Group

Monetizing your Facebook group is both a short and long-term strategy. People may not buy within the first 90-days. If they are the right fit, they will ultimately buy. Members will ultimately convert If you are always growing, always pre-selling, and selling. If you aren’t selling in your group, you aren’t telling your members what you do enough.

Paint the picture of where you were, where you are, and where you are going so that your members can relate to this and want to work with you. The destination event will warm people up and will most likely buy the next event. A destination event will ultimately lead to sales.

One-third of your members are your cheerleaders and are not going to buy from you, but they may refer people to you. The second one-third are not ready to buy, but after you pre-sell, they will become ready to buy. And lastly, one-third is ready to buy. The power of groups is that while people are waiting to buy, they are hanging out in your group and consuming content.

The Live Launch Method by Kelly Roach 

Ideas for destination events to grow and monetize your Facebook group

Ideally, you want to do a live event, maybe a challenge or training. Not everyone in the group will attend, but they may watch later. A destination event doesn’t have to be limited to a 5 or 7-day event. Your events should be hosted around something you want to teach and something that will interest your members. Some people will do a one-day workshop. Your events can evolve the more you do them.

Repeat the event every 90-days. Create a system so that you don’t have to create something new every time. Likewise, choose something, a topic, that will give your clients a quick win when you choose the type of event you are creating. Your event has to be something that you want to deliver and want to deliver again. If you don’t love it, your members won’t either. Some of your members will watch the same event over and over again. They need to see things over and over again…at least seven times.

Facebook challenge ideas

Use reverse engineering to monetize your Facebook group events. Know your offer and what people need from you. What do they need to know or have done to be a good fit to work with you? For example, if you help someone craft a resume, you could do a challenge to identify the perfect job for them. This is helping people get a quick win. There is no strong-arming or hard-selling, it’s giving people a quick win. Think of the offer with the end in mind, what you want to serve people with, and then what do they need to be successful in your offer and be the person who wants your offer.

Sell at the end of the challenge. For the people who are ready and want more, share your offer and sell to them. Other people will hang out and continue to consume your content to get ready to buy. Selling is serving those who need more from you. Therefore, give your members the opportunity to buy from you.

Consider your Facebook group as a house party

Who do you want to invite? Think about what you want the group to look like. How do you want the members to feel? Remember it’s your party and you get to decide what you want to do and what you want to share. Consider how you want to position yourself within the group. Market what is in the group, not the free group.

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