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How to embrace change as an entrepreneur, especially when your dreams are shattered and you change from a service-based business to a product-based business.

And, the Difference in PR strategies.

About KJ Blattenbaur

Learn more about KJ and PR by going back and listening to episode 29. In Episode 29 KJ shared her 5 Ps of media and PR, her book, “How to Be a Media Darling”, and her dress brand, Vieve and Jo.

The Emotional Chaos Before Embracing Change as an Entrepreneur

KJ emphasized the fact that when things don’t go our way, when it seems like we have failed, or when are forced to give up on a dream, it isn’t pretty. There are many moments of laying on the bathroom floor crying.

Embracing Change as an Entrepreneur When Your Dreams Are Shattered

When you do something for multiple years, you lose the spark. This is how KJ felt about PR. She wanted to have a product versus continuing in the service industry. This led her to follow her dream to design fashionable, comfortable dresses. There were many challenges trying to have the dresses made in the US and when it comes to sustainability, the definition is different for everyone and especially different for China.

Then when Covid hit, the logistics became even more challenging and KJ was forced to give up on her dreams.

KJ Blattenbauer interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast. She shared secrets to embracing change as an entrepreneur and PR strategies when going from a service based business to a product based business. On the podcast graphic is a photo of KJ wearing a white off the shoulder dress. She has blond hair and blue eyes and is smiling and looking at the camera.

Embracing Change as an Entrepreneur When People are Judging You for Shifting Gears

KJ emphasized how challenging it is to change gears. We go to college, get a degree, and everyone thinks that is what we should do…forever. And when we change our minds they judge us or criticize us. It makes it even hard to embrace change as entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs, we are already working alone most of the time, and then having our support system turn on us makes it even more challenging to continue moving ahead with our goals and dreams.

It is soul-crushing to have your dreams shattered, especially when over 40. Once KJ made the decision to give up on her dream, she felt depressed for a couple of months. She spent October of 2020 mostly alone, feeling sad.

Then in November, her husband gave her the gift of a letterpress class. KJ has always loved paper and stationery and fell in love with letterpress during the weekend course. She spent 8 hours a day on her feet creating her stationery. KJ quickly realized that she loved letterpress and wanted to create her own line of stationery. She also realized that she can’t just have a hobby, she wants to make a business out of everything she loves.

The Differences In PR As a Product Business Versus a Service Business

When you are a service provider, you have to go a little more overboard with building the emotional connection, helping people really connect with what you can and will do for them, and how you will make their lives easier. With a product, you have something to show them. You also have the ability to work with influencers and give people the products to try to get more reviews.

KJ emphasized that as a product business, you have to have your operations in order. She used the bike baskets from Nantucket as an example. Before promoting something, you have to be smart. You have to have your strategy in place for the products and be able to back the product up whether there is a supply chain issue or not.

You also have to align your strategy and timing for launching and PR. There are different times of the year when certain types of products launch so you have to be prepared with a PR strategy at the right time. If promoting for Christmas,  you need to start promoting in June or July.

Processes Must be in Place for a Successful Business

In every business, but especially in a product-based business, you need to have processes in place so that if you aren’t able to be present in your business to fulfill orders, handle shipping, etc., someone else can step in and do the work for you.

Email Marketing Shifts When Moving from a Service Business to a Product-based Business.

The welcome series, thank you series, and win-back series takes on a whole new spin when moving from a service-based business to a product-based business. Even the feel is different when creating emails for a product business.

The important thing to remember is that you have to do everything as a product-based business, at first, and you have to truly love what you are offering so that you don’t burn out.

Mindset when Embracing Change as an Entrepreneur and Changing Your Business


Working on mindset is key when not only making a change but as you navigate the new role and responsibilities you have to undertake.

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