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Digital Marketing is More than Social Media.


Finding the Value in Digital Marketing

Entrepreneurs are becoming exhausted with digital marketing, always being online and creating content. With that said, it is important to realize there is much more to digital marketing and many more opportunities online than social media. It is important to identify the things that will make your efforts more valuable and less exhausting.

About Dawn McGruer

Dawn McGruer is a multi-award-winning speaker, strategist, and best-selling author of Dynamic Digital Marketing. She helps to inspire entrepreneurs to rise to meet today’s challenges and be powerfully present and to shine online. Dawn is also the host of the top 5% global ranking podcast “Dawn of a New Era“. Her motto: Dream Big * Work Hard * Make it Happen!

Robyn Graham interviewed Dawn McGruer on The Second Phase Podcast. Dawn answered the question, What is Digital Marketing? On the podcast graphic is a photo of Dawn wearing an orange sleeveless blouse, leaning against a brick wall and smiling at the camera. Dawn has blond hair.

The Three T’s of Digital Marketing

There are always the same fundamentals that need to be in place for digital marketing. The first thing is that people want to know what they need to do and in what order to achieve the quickest and best ROI.

Time, Training, and Tactics

The three T’s, time, training, and tactics are at the core of digital marketing.


Trying to take an hour a day for social media, is not possible. We are all too busy. Dawn focuses on 10 minutes a day connecting, and growing your network which is powerful.

The gap is often that people don’t know what they don’t know. If people don’t know what to do in what order, they can’t implement a proven strategy.


It is important to invest in training and using tools such as Trello to organize projects and content creation.


SEO is the grey area of digital marketing. Most people don’t know what it is or how to use it. You have to have a benchmark to identify what the exact steps are to do and in what order to reach goals.

Oftentimes people post a lot of content but do not get engagement or convert their audience to clients. The important thing is to put a timeline in place and work more effectively and master the world of online marketing so that you don’t feel like your digital to-do list is controlling you.

The biggest engagement people get is on one type of post, a photograph. Show a photograph of your clients excelling, it becomes the human interest perspective. Being part of the party and getting to know people is the key to successful digital marketing.

Digital Marketing for Building Relationships

Instead of always being one-way driven, driven by brand, change to relate to your audience. Use social media as an opportunity to build relationships.

The relationships you build on social media can become clients, collaboration opportunities, or referral sources.

The 8 Channels of Dynamic Digital Marketing


How to get your brand and business visible on Google searches. People often think that as soon as they create a website or page on their website, they are going to get immediate traffic. This is not the case. When you create a page or article on your website try and think about the human who is typing in for that search. What would that person type in? That is what your title should be. Thinking about asking the question you know your ideal client is asking. Digital marketing is about the psychology of human behavior and we want to appeal to our ideal clients.

In addition, make sure that there is demand for what you are creating or writing. Do market research and make sure that there is an actual need for it.


See above.


This is related to email marketing. It is important to have an email marketing list to provide value to people. Share your expertise and value through your content. Create a piece of content that is valuable and provide it for free. People will see that as valuable and think if this is free, imagine what I would get if I paid this person for their services.


This is content. Content creation has to be dynamic. It has to be engaging like taking pictures or telling stories. Rather than telling people what you do, show people what you do.


Social selling. When people try to put a post on social media and are asking people to buy immediately without them getting to know you first, it is like asking someone to marry you on a first date. Nurture the relationship and when you aren’t selling, you’ll sell more. The most persuasive content is things like testimonials and case studies. People want to see how you can bridge where they are with where they want to be.


Advertising such as Facebook ads. This can lead to profit drain if not cautious. When doing an ad, think about matching the ad to the consumer. You must get your audience right and know their biggest challenge. Use polls to survey your audience.


Only 50% of businesses have a defined strategy. All you need is a one-page plan. If you have a goal without a plan, it is just a wish.


This is about analytics. Think about whether or not what you did worked. First, you have to set a goal and know what you are expecting with your actions. This becomes part of your strategy.

Can You Have a Digital Marketing Strategy without Having Social Media Included?

Dawn says no, we need to master one platform. Have a priority channel and build relationships there. You may have a presence elsewhere, but having one place where you are consistent is key.

Think about how you can showcase yourself and your mission and vision and that will begin to attract your ideal audience.

Facebook Groups

With the saturation, fewer people are engaging in posts. There is a still benefit, but they have to be more intentional and content more specific. Having a smaller group where people are more aligned and can truly build trust is key.

LinkedIn is Dawn’s favorite channel. You are guaranteed free engagement and free reach. If using Facebook, you have to pay to get engagement.

SEO for Digital Marketing

Using SEO is so important for driving traffic to your website. It is free and powerful.

If you write how you would speak, writing good quality copy, is important.

Use a tool like Yoast for ensuring your SEO is accurate so that you will have a chance to appear in rankings. If you don’t have SEO on your website, no one will find you or your content.

To create titles that are good for SEO, Google your subject matter to know what people are searching for. Answer the Public and Google Trends are two tools to use to discover what people are searching for and what topics are trending.

Likewise, Think with Google is another resource that was created using analytics to identify search trends. You can see what the most popular phrases are that are being searched by industry. Ask yourself how you can beat the title.

Blogging as Part of Your Digital Marketing Plan

Google likes a blog post of over 300 words. The ideal number of blog posts per week is three if you want to rank high on Google. When you blog, Google sees that you are providing value and will push your content. Using numbers in your titles, like 3 steps to revolutionize your online presence, is a great way to grab the attention of your audience. Or, use negative marketing, like 5 things not to do. this tactic builds curiosity.

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