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Brittany McBean interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast and discussed using storytelling to build deep connections for business growth. On the podcast graphic there is a black and white photo of Brittany in the bottom left hand corner under the logo of the podcast and a photo of Robyn sitting on the floor under a window with her coffee mug on the right.

About Brittany McBean

Brittany McBean realizes the deep connection of storytelling.

She is a copywriter and marketing strategist helping online educators and creatives stand out with crystal clear messaging and a laser-focused strategy. Her focus is writing the words that get you seen by the right people so you can make a maximum impact and serve the people who need you the most.  Brittany graduated with a degree in theatre, as an actor she came to appreciate the immense value and deep connection of storytelling, as well as the difficult work of self-promotion.

Trading the life of an actor for a more rooted, yet still flexible, job, she began her own business in social media marketing. After 5 years of experience and success in an oversaturated market, Brittany has begun to work with other brands and businesses to help them stand out in a sea of noise.

She lives in Richmond, VA with her husband and baby girl and can usually be found throwing family dance parties in the living room or watching The Office for the bajillionth time

First Phase

Brittany’s first phase was as a professional actor.  From there Brittany moved to work as an admin for a theater company and then to becoming a social media marketing expert.

Understanding Social Media Marketing


She was in social media marketing for 5 years with a network marketing company.  After a few months of spamming all of her friends, she got tired of getting lost in the noise of everyone saying the same thing to sell the same products.

As a result, she started finding ways to really use her unique voice and personality to stand out. Once she was successful with her own personal branding and marketing, she trained her team of hundreds of women to do the same.

The Burn Out


Eventually, she started feeling burned out and began a social media coaching business. She worked with client after client and realized that she always came back to the same thing: messaging. As a result, she took her knack for the deep connection of storytelling through writing, smooshed it up with a ton of copywriting education, formulas, and persuasion psychology, and got super nerdy about crafting messages.  She began creating the exact messages that would help her client’s websites, emails, and launches convert.

Her background in acting and her degree in Musical Theatre has enabled Brittany to switch voice and personality naturally.  Where she used to be front and center on stage, now she just does it behind the screen with her words instead of wigs and tap shoes!

Finding the Right Words


It took Brittany a while to realize that there was a name for what she wanted to do. She loved the challenge of strategizing each individual brand’s messaging and marketing and became absolutely obsessed with finding the right words to help people explain what they did, but it took a while for her to consider herself a writer.

A personal brand expert is a title Brittany gave herself at first, but she was really a messaging expert. Once she found the word “copywriter” and the whole world of direct response sales copy, she was hooked!

Second Phase

Brittany is now a conversion copywriter for online educators, course creators, and coaches. Basically, she writes the words that make people cash monies online. She helps entrepreneurs find their brand voice.  This is accomplished by identifying what makes them unique, special, and interesting.  Using the exact words their dream clients need to hear to make that connection, Brittany converts dream clients from browsers to stalkers, to buyers.

Brittany spends hours and hours studying her client’s dream clients, excavating their questions, hopes, dreams, fears, and objections, as well as the words THEY use to describe their problems, and then writes the words that make them say “get out of my head!”

Deep Connection of Story Telling


Brittany’s ability to create effective messaging also has application to her personal life on a deeper level.   Two years ago, after experiencing and suffering through infertility and miscarriages, she and her husband adopted a black baby.   They are now navigating what it means to have a transracial family.

There is a level of bias and racism in each of us because of our life experiences.   It’s important to admit them and face them or we can’t change them.   Brittany is using her gift of words and deep connection of storytelling, to not only help herself manage this journey gracefully but to help others navigate it too.

Robyn referenced episode 40 with Tayna Longino who also discusses bias and diversity and inclusion.   Tayna’s interview is from the human resource perspective, but the interviews complement each other.

Book Recommendations


The Primal Wound: Understanding the Adoptive Child by Nancy Verrier

The Connected Child: Bring hope and healing to your adoptive family by Karen Purvis 

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