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Have you struggled with building a creative campaign that converts your audience to paying clients? If yes, it’s time to consider a guerrilla marketing plan.

Let’s break down how to build a creative campaign that converts using the three components of a gorilla marketing plan.

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerilla marketing can be broken down into 3 parts

Plot – creativity, project management, and a good crew

Act – understanding your audience, be engaging and remarkable

Direct – highlight your unique value proposition (UVP), call to action, and know the next steps

How to create a good plot when using guerrilla marketing?

Your creative campaign begins with your innate creativity

Creativity is the first part. We are all born with creativity but it is sadly beaten out of us throughout the course of life. Find what makes you unique. Likewise, identify your superpower. Whatever you are the best at, is where your creativity and your UVP will come from. Creativity fuels brainstorming.

Project management is key to building a successful creative campaign

Project management is the second part and is the visualization of how everything will come together. Think of a whiteboard with a map of the project, like a dashboard to see all of the components needed to accomplish the ultimate goal.

And the third part is having a good crew. Your crew includes the people you hire and the people who will help you see the holes in the plot.

The plot concept can be applied to both in-person and online marketing.

Let’s dive into Act as the second part of breaking down a creative campaign that converts.

Engagement and Remarkable

Act refers to engaging. When people engage, they are able to connect with you on a deeper level. They are also more willing to share you and the experience they have with you. Likewise, you can be remarkable, make a mark, meaning stand out so that your audience remembers you. Do things that stand out and are exciting. It helps with word-of-mouth marketing.

Building relationships

Likewise, building relationships is key to building trust. Trust determines buying practices, so any time you can stand out and get the attention of your audience, you will have more opportunities to engage and build relationships.

How to Direct your campaign

To direct your creative campaign, you need to highlight your unique value proposition, have a clear and specific call to action, and be aware of the next steps.

Unique value proposition

Your unique value proposition isn’t simply what you are the best at. Think of Disney, they aren’t a happy place on earth, they are the happiest place on earth. You want to share your authentic self to build a connection with your audience. When you feel like yourself, you will be more likely to attract your ideal audience.

Robyn emphasized that your personal brand is what other people think, say, and feel about you. Your branding efforts are how you communicate what makes you unique and differentiates you from all others in your area of expertise. Learn more about personal branding here.

Clear and concise CTA

Clarity around your call to action is paramount for your audience to know what you want them to do next. Be concise. Don’t leave them guessing, give them specific instructions on what they should do, and what you want them to do next.

People won’t ask you what’s next, you need to tell them. For example, subscribe to my email list, or follow me on social media. Implement the CTA with your marketing plan, but be prepared to provide value.

Options within a CTA create confusion and confused people do not buy.

Know the next steps of your creative campaign

Next is to prepare for the next steps, this encapsulates the long-term journey that you are helping your clients go on. It involves the long-term transformation that they will experience and can expect. Be sure that you have mapped out your processes so that the client can know and understand how you will work together and the outcomes they can expect from working with you. Know how you will serve your audience and clients in the long term. This comes full circle to building relationships.

Adhering to your values is the number one key to success.

James Altucher’s Book, Skip the Line

About Nathan Bynum

Nathan Bynum helps businesses reach their target market through high-impact, entertaining campaigns. He helps his clients attract their audiences through creativity and organic experiences so that they become influencers through word-of-mouth marketing.

Traveling the world and meeting successful entrepreneurs has given Nathan the insights and skills needed to become one of the youngest goal achievers you’ll ever meet. When he was 24 he became a best-selling author and a certified goal success coach.  He is now helping business owners create creative guerrilla marketing campaigns that get shared, not scrolled past.

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