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As an Entrepreneur, You Have to Know How to Start an Online Business.  Once the Business is Built, You Need to Market.  The Easiest Way to Reach a Large Audience is To Do  Podcast Interviews. But First, You Need to Know How To Find the Right Podcast and How to Be a Guest.


Case Lane

Case Lane is a global writer, entrepreneur, podcaster, and founder of Ready Entrepreneur.  Her business prepares aspiring entrepreneurs to understand how to take advantage of technology and global resources to achieve lifestyle freedom by starting their own online business.  She is a former diplomat, consultant, and corporate executive.  Case is also the author of Recast: The Aspiring Entrepreneurs Practical Guide to Getting Started with an Online Business.  She is also the author of The Life Online Series, a fiction thriller.

Building an online business is like playing a new role in your life.  Similarly, being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to arrange your schedule.

Case Lane interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast to share how to start an online business. On the podcast graphic is a headshot of Case wearing a white sweater and smiling at the camera.

The 1st Ten Steps On How to Start an Online Business

5 Fundamental Steps

1. Deep Breath – survey the scene, get organized

  1. Designate a Proper Place to Work
  2. Gather Your Tools Around You
  3. Remove Distraction s
  4. Set Your Schedule and Stick to it

5 Creative Steps

  1. Business Idea
    1. Focus on the value you deliver
    2. Try different ways that it will work, may take time, that’s what you want. something that you love and are interested in. It may take perseverance and that’s what wins it in the end.
    3. Discover what will work for you.
  2. Research and get enough information to get started
  3. Connect with Others
    1. Go Beyond the People Around You
    2. Ask for recommendations for people you can talk to
    3. Answer questions on Quora
    4. Doing the work gives you the momentum to move forward
    5. Facebook groups
  4. Create Your Action Plan
    1. This will change, but you need a place to start
  5. Do the 1st Activity to Set Yourself into Action

Now you know how to start an online business, you’ve established it, and how do you market it?

Using Podcasts for Marketing and Online Business

Being a guest on podcasts is the best way to meet the masses.  It is great for name recognition, presenting yourself as an expert and authority in your space, and building trust.

But there are so many podcasts, how does a person find the right podcasts that are going to align with your values and your business?

The Process of Finding, Researching and Contacting Podcasts

Use Podcast Directories

Apple Podcasts

Podcast Index


Listen Notes


You want to use a directory that shows the names and a description of the shows.

Come up with Categories and Keywords

Input the categories and keywords into the directories to search for names and types of podcasts

Look at the Last Episode Post Date

Some shows end.  If there hasn’t been an episode released in the last 3 to 6 months it may no longer be active.

In Apple Podcast you can see the date of the last published episode, the description of the show, and the description of each episode.

Obtain Contact Information for the Podcast

Obtain email

Email Pitch to Podcast, direct contact to podcaster is best.

Tailor the pitch to the podcast host

When pitching, be sure to include your website URL, your social media handles, and any other information that will help the podcast host learn enough about you to make an informed decision about you as a guest without having to do additional research.

The Value of Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn and connect with others.  Information is at your fingertips.

Podcasts are a permanent asset.  Even when the podcast ends, it is still available unless the podcaster stops paying for the hosting fee.

Use the podcasts as permalinks back to you and your information.

What are the Responsibilities of a Guest Once they are on the Podcast?

Share the podcast on your social media platforms.

Put the link on your website on a media or press page.

Put the link on the features on LinkedIn too.

Having a place to showcase your interviews help people see you as an expert and authority in your area of expertise.

Come up With a Promotion Plan

Use Canva and create a template for promoting shows you’ve been a guest on.

Share the graphic on social media and your website and share the link.

Have a process and promote the episode within a week.

Create templates for what you want to share about your interview.

Use the links when you reference the discussion at later dates.  Backlinks are powerful for SEO.

Always tag the host when you post so that they know you have promoted the show.

It’s a joint effort and a win-win for the guest and the host.

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