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Creating meaningful valuable content can be challenging, especially when concerned about giving everything – your system or program – away for free.

You can create valuable content without giving everything away for free. When you truly know your soulmate client you can address their pain points instead and give advice without giving your entire program or system away for free.

Michelle Kopp’s Thinking it Through Wins and Wisdom Question

Struggling with how to provide value without giving my full program. Maybe I do and then if people need help they work with me. I’m not an expert in all the ways to save or find good deals on things but I am an expert on helping someone get a system to manage their money. I’m the number cruncher so they don’t have to be (in the beginning) and after working with me I teach them how to do it themselves. I empower people to manage their money since many have never been taught. But how do I deliver this value without “giving it all away” in newsletters or freebies? Or do I? Struggling.

Suggestions for creating valuable content without feeling like you’re giving it all away for free

Know your soulmate clients – well!

  1. Ideal clients may know what they want but they don’t necessarily recognize what they need.
  2. Address their pain points
    • What is it they are thinking about when making breakfast, doing dishes, folding laundry, or journaling before bed?
    • What is it they want more of – time, money?
    • Are they unorganized? Is that causing them to feel overwhelmed?
    • What do they fear? If they are in a state of fear they don’t look at their numbers and therefore don’t have a pulse on them which creates more stress.
    • No pulse on numbers correlates to no idea what and how much they need to do to create more demand in their business or where to cut back personally.
  3. All of these things become content ideas that you can address and state how financial management helps resolve them.
  4. You aren’t giving everything away for free but you are providing value and letting your soulmate clients know that you see them and understand their pain.
  5. The more you share things like that the more they will see you as someone who cares about them and they will trust you.
  6. You can provide value without giving them every solution, but dropping solutions periodically is helpful – maybe something as simple as a review of bookkeeping systems, tips on saving money, or tips on when and how often to look at their financial numbers.
  7. Many times, they try your advice but won’t want to do it themselves – they may try but quickly think back “Michelle told me to do this but I need her to do it for me”

Another example of how to create valuable content

Ask yourself what 3 key things every business owner or mom needs to know to save time and ensure their finances are on track. Give tips that are meaningful to demonstrate you are an expert and authority in managing finances without giving your entire system away. Even if you give pieces of your program away for free at different times, people won’t be able to implement it fully without your help.

About Michelle Kopp

Michelle works with clients to give them hope for their future. She gives them a financial plan, the tools to make it happen, and the excitement to keep them going. Michelle is also an accountability partner and guide along the way. The financial journey affects their whole life and many of her clients have said it is truly life-changing to work with her.

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