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Video content is a powerful tool for connecting with your soulmate clients and converting them to pay customers – even if not using social media.

If video content is powerful you need to know how to create and use video content. You can use video content even if you aren’t on social media. Create and use video content for Pinterest posts, blogs, email marketing, LinkedIn, inside memberships, masterclasses, and in every step of the sales cycle.

When you create and use video content in your business you can build an emotional connection with your audience and community must faster.

The bonus of creating and using video content is being able to effectively share your brand story.

5 mistakes that entrepreneurs make when they create and use video content

1. Spend too much time creating perfect videos

2. Follow a one-and-done strategy – don’t assume that a perfect video will launch you into success. Use video in multiple facets of your business, instead of thinking about creating one major video. Think volume, not perfection.

3. Waiting until you can afford it

4. Hiring a video crew

5. Overproduce and over-stress about videos – become stressed, shallow, and unrelatable – not you, not authentic

The more natural you are, the more connection your audience will embrace you. And sometimes, the video content you spend the least amount of time on is the best. Try to have fun when creating your video content and it will be better and have more connection with your community.

Tips and strategies to create and use video content – Live video principles

When using the LIVE video principles you can create a lot of video content in a short amount of time and ultimately, grow your community, build an emotional connection with them, and make money faster.

The LIVE video principles can be applied to creating live videos and videos that you create and share later. Using the LIVE video principals you can create a lot of video content in a short amount of time.

L stands for low risk. Risk is irreversible negative outcomes. Whatever you can do to lower your risk, the more chances you’ll have to create more videos.

I stands for instant. Instant video is fast and not edited. It may or may not be live, but is conversational.

V stands for value. Provide value and make your communities’ lives better and easier.

E stands for everyday life. Intivet your viewers into your everyday life, but authentically you so that you can connect with them and see that you have something that will help them.

What tools do you need for creating video content?

Lighting and equipment can be a rabbit hole of details. You can create video content with your phone even when creating a course. The simpler the better. Once you get into creating video content, you might want to improve your sound and lighting. But focus on creating in a way that is push-button easy.

Apps to use when creating video content

Scott recommended Once you record the video, you receive an URL that you can then save or share. The key is to make creating video content as easy as possible.

Where to house your video content?

You can use Vimeo and YouTube. Scott uses Vimeo for professional videos and for his courses. He uses YouTube for more general video content. A disadvantage of YouTube is that it tries to take people off of YouTube for ads. Vimeo doesn’t do that.

Something to help your faith

Keep a Hand of the Lord Journal. Journal about things that happened throughout your day. At the end of the day, Scott looks back on the day and documents how he saw God’s hand in his day, for example, was a prayer answered, did someone show a tender mercy or act of kindness, or was there a crazy coincidence? Robyn calls crazy coincidences God winks.

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About Scott Wilhite

Scott Wilhite is an award-winning corporate and commercial filmmaker with more than 20 years of experience. As a writer-producer-director, he creates films and videos that get people’s hearts to beat. “Film is the most powerful tool of persuasion known to man,” he says.

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