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Curious about how to connect with your soulmate clients? Create a brand story using the TIME method.

When you create a brand story that resonates with your audience you can experience a steady stream of clients.

Authors, artists, and creatives often have a difficult time creating personal brands. Art is subjective and as a result, it is an exercise in vulnerability to share your work and put promote yourself through personal branding.

Vulnerability is a common denominator for all of us entrepreneurs.

Others often see us differently than how we see ourselves. Therefore, it is helpful to hire a coach for a new perspective, an eagle’s eye view, of your business so that you can create your brand story effectively. You don’t know what you don’t know and help may be necessary.

Using “TIME” to create a brand story

Sarah created the “TIME” method to help entrepreneurs create a brand story that attracts their ideal clients.

Branding takes time. Like any great thing, creating a personal brand takes time. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

Let’s break down “TIME” so that you can create a brand story that works to attract your soulmate clients

T = theme

Entrepreneurs often have messaging that is all over the place. Many times, it’s because they are afraid to be focused and lose opportunities, if they stick to one topic, they fear that they will lose people or they will get bored. However, it takes hearing something 7 to 21 times before it resonates or you take action to achieve transformation.

When you have a theme, you become an expert in the area you are talking about throughout your messaging. Sarah used the example of an umbrella. The umbrella is your brand story and the spokes are different topics that fall under the overall theme when you create a brand story.

I = intention

Spaghetti at the wall doesn’t work. Have intention in how you create a brand story and where you are present. Ask yourself why you are doing what you are doing or where you are present.

Likewise, be intentional with who you connect with, who you follow, who you build relationships with, and who you collaborate with. Surround yourself with others with similar values.

In addition, be intentional with your time and energy and what platforms your use as you grow your business.

M = momentum

Momentum refers to consistency and not frequency. Your intention will help you keep from following trends and allow you to show up without getting burnt out. Choose one platform and post consistently as frequently as your time allows. Even if only two to three times a week.

Robyn suggests that when you are starting your business, you should avoid social media to avoid distractions, doubt, and comparison. Build the foundation first, and then use social media to build relationships and grow your community.

E = empathy

Marketing is not about telling people about your product. People don’t buy products, they buy based on feelings, experiences, emotions, personal connection, and transformation. The best thing you can do when you create your brand story is to dig deep into empathy.

What do your soulmate clients need from you? Ask them. Don’t say no for other people. You don’t know what they want until you ask them. Sarah says marketing is spelled empathy.

Understand your audience’s pain points so that you can demonstrate that you understand what they are experiencing.

About Sarah Sambles

Sarah is a helpful, empathetic, and encouraging individual who embodies the belief that words are powerful. She helps coaches and writers get crystal clear on their brand story so their audience pays attention.

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