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Converting leads to sales doesn’t have to be hard or spammy!   Are you ready to learn the most effective, genuine, and authentic ways to sell?

Convert leads to sales with authenticity. Today’s guest colors outside the lines and does things differently.  She’s a one-part intuitive, one-part strategist, and one-part creative.

Emi Kirshner has worked in many different industries from restaurants to motorcycles to financial services and now helps entrepreneurs work effectively to double and triple their revenue.

In this episode, Emi teaches us how to increase sales by maximizing process and lead capture.

On the podcast graphic Emi Kirschner is pictures wearing a plum colored dress with a white jacket hanging over her shoulder. She has short reddish hair and is smiling. Emi Kirschner interviewed on The Second Phase Podcast to share how easy it can be to start converting leads to sales.


Who Loves Sales?

No one ever says they love sales.  Well, maybe a few people, but the rest of us don’t like it!

When we come from a place of servitude, we sell more.  It’s important to take ourselves out of the equation.

The reality, when you have a unique personal brand and authentic marketing strategy sales become easy. In addition, when you sell with integrity, you never feel sleazy. Selling is serving.

A key to successful sales is building relationships.

Converting Leads to Sales

Your job is to help the person gain clarity on the problem they have.   They will then be able to make a better decision to either hire you or someone else.

Don’t have a mindset of getting people to sign on the dotted line, think about the outcome of serving them.  Coming from a place of service makes converting leads to sales painless and a lot less spammy.

People often don’t realize the problem they have.  When we come from a place of giving, people will learn about what we do, and it will help them realize that they need your service.

“People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” ~ Steve Jobs

We all live in a box and we only see what’s in the box.  Even when actively seeking to look for new things, we miss what we actually need.  As humans, we don’t know what we don’t know.

Having someone bring awareness of what we need or a problem we have, is a gift.

Before a call, writing copy, or creating a sales page, think about what your ideal audience needs, and you’ll be able to create content that really grabs the attention of your ideal avatar.

We need to listen and pay attention with intention when communicating with people so that we can really be in tune with their needs.   Doing so will help us better connect with our audience and help them learn more about the problem we solve for them.

Maximizing Process

Think about simplifying.   Streamline action items to create an efficient method to accomplish them.  If you are doing things repetitively, then create a process to do them quickly.  If tasks are taking forever, it’s time to reevaluate how you are doing them.  Look at how to simplify them to create freedom.

When you have systems in place, it is easier to delegate.

The Sales Process

Know your main offer?   This can change from time to time, but you need to know what it is at the time.  Once you identify your main offer, serve your audience and you will begin converting leads to sales.  It may take time, but it will happen.

Think about the number of leads you need.  People aren’t going to come knocking on our door because of social media posts.  We need to warm up our audience.

When doing a webinar, you may have 20% of the registrants actually show up, and only a small percentage of those will purchase from you.

Build your audience with ads, and social media, and have affiliates.   Start with asking your inner circle to share the program or webinar.    Share your excitement and that you want to share value.

Make a 100-lead List

When you do this, even if people on your list don’t buy, someone they know will buy.   It’s the energy that you create that attracts people to become a warm audience or purchase from you.

Secrets to Capturing Leads

The key is giving value through content.  Follow-up is also key.   It takes 10 to 20 touchpoints for people to buy from you.  Your email list is a great way to stay in touch with your audience and provide value.

Reframe how you look at sales.   When you think positively about it, you’ll have a more positive experience.

When leads come in:

  1. Pick up the phone – conversations are different when you are talking instead of texting or emailing.
  2. Do follow-up – even if it’s been a couple of months, check-in.
  3. Track your leads in a CRM or a spreadsheet or on
  4. Be authentic and genuine and real.

Just keep the process simple or it will fail.

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