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How to create content that is well branded to your business.


Content creation becomes frustrating when you don’t see results. So how can you create content with ease?

Where to Begin? Content creation that has value and converts.

Often entrepreneurs create content that doesn’t convert. You’ve been told to create content that provides value. The risk of creating valuable free content is that people will not realize that there is more to what you offer. When people think that they have all the information from you but it doesn’t work for them, they start to think you don’t know what you are talking about.

Instead, give your audience content that will make them think differently about their problem. That will help them realize it isn’t that this doesn’t work, but that I don’t know everything about it and now I can reach out to learn more and the next step.

It isn’t that you are putting all of your best information under lock and key, you are communicating that you want to help them but I can only do so much under this free format.

Robyn Graham interviewed Britney Gardner on The Robyn Graham show. Britney shared content creation strategies that work. On the podcast graphic is a photo of Robyn wearing a sea foam green v-neck dress with ruffles and a photo of Britney wearing a gray sweater with martini glasses on it. She has long red hair parted on the left side.

Choose a content cornerstone

The cornerstone of your content will become the basis of all content you create. Be sure this is something you truly enjoy creating to prevent burnout.

Britney’s 3 cornerstones of content creation

The written word – Blog

Audio – Podcast

Video – FB Live or YouTube

From these three forms of content, you have options for repurposing.

Britney recommends choosing one platform to use to share content and get really good at it. Once you learn the platform, you can refine the content.

Cornerstone content should be created weekly.

Facebook is currently pushing more audio. They want us to put our podcast episodes on Facebook.

How to repurpose blog content

Pull quotes and create Canva graphics. Blogging is very easy to repurpose. If you are using blogging as your cornerstone, you need to have an SEO strategy. Bookmark Google’s Keyword Planner tool or use Pinterest to check out longtail keywords. Examples of searches include, “content planning for service providers” or “business coach content creation” or “content creation tips”. Use terms that people are searching for.

The outline format is perfect for creating blog content for SEO.

Where to begin for creating a content creation strategy

Start with what your clients say to you when they are thinking about working with you. Record discovery calls and transcribe them to learn the keywords and key phrases.

Think of the hurdles and objections that people have with working with you? Address these in your content because that will make it so much easier for people to hire you.

Addressing objections in your content will make other aspects of your business easier.

Episode 144 – 5 Strategies For Using Your Free Content To Sell On Instagram

You can also address objections in your website copy.

Content will not convert the very first time you say something. Content creation is a long-term game.

It’s important to create evergreen content for the long game. Social media can disappear at any time.

Measuring the success of your content creation efforts

Every platform is different and some are hard to evaluate results.

It takes time to collect the data. Britney is currently trying to develop a way to report all platforms in one place.

Vital posts often don’t convert to clients. The posts that make people really think are the ones that convert.

Use the data to make good marketing decisions for your business.

Content Creation Touch Points

It takes 26 touchpoints for people to remember what they’ve seen. Britney recommends going hard on one topic each week and then revisiting topics every 90-days.

If a piece of content performs well, it should become part of your evergreen content strategy. If something doesn’t perform well the first time around, maybe give it another try, and if that doesn’t resonate, retire it.

The things that perform well. Pay attention to what is resonating with your clients.

Tools for content creation

Britney uses Trello and Airtable for tracking her content. ClickUp is another tool Britney uses. Zapier is another tool that helps connect platforms.

Britney’s 3 Ms of content creation

Make – make your content

Measure- measure the results

Multiply – keep doing what is working

About Britney Gardner

Britney helps clients who are maxed out on hours (yet, strangely, not maxed out on the bank account) scale their marketing with ease. Specifically, this means creating a content plan with the right kind of content, measuring the results, and repurposing the content that brought in clients versus vanity metrics. She is a former photographer, mom, and woman who loves fulfilling work, and making things pretty.

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