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Are you a faith-based entrepreneur who wants to grow your business without social media? Do you feel frustrated because your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d like?

As a business coach for faith-based entrepreneurs, I am on a mission to help you grow your business without social media so that you can achieve success while having an impact. Take a look behind-the-scenes and learn what it’s like to work with me.

Robyn is a business coach for faith-based entrepreneurs who want to grow their businesses and achieve success without social media. Susan Gabriel shares her experience working with Robyn to grow her business for long-term success.

PR is a great tool for growing your business without social media

Susan found Robyn when she listened to a podcast Robyn was a guest on. It’s a perfect example of how PR can help you grow your business by attracting clients without having to be on social media.

5 ways Robyn, a business coach for faith-based entrepreneurs, helped Susan grow her business

  1. Robyn helped Susan recognize the need to create a unique personal brand so that she could stand out from other book publishers and build trust. She also helped her identify her brand identity, color palette, and typography so that Soul Sonshine would become recognizable and memorable. In addition, Robyn taught Susan that she needed to be the face of her brand and project trust.
    • A personal brand is a perception others have of you
    • Marketing is communicating your uniqueness and differentiating yourself from others in your niche
    • Connect with your soulmate client and build trust with them – trust determines buying practices
  2. Robyn helped Susan build a solid foundation for long-term success
    • Standard operating procedures
    • Systems and process mapping
    • Define roles and responsibilities – if someone can do what you do 70% as effectively as you do it, then you should hand off that responsibility
    • Be a visionary and be client facing
    • Client satisfaction, retention, and referrals – because the process was simplified
  3. Robyn helped Susan break tasks down into manageable steps
  4. Susan reported that Robyn reviewed all of her content, website copy, business strategies, etc., Robyn was hands-on in Susan’s business and helped her implement an SEO strategy as well.
  5. Mindset blocks/barriers. Robyn helped Susan navigate the mindset challenges and fears she had been experiencing with being front and center in her business. In addition, Robyn gave Susan mindset exercises to help her with making decisions and managing her time better.

Sometimes it’s the littlest shift that makes the biggest difference.  

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