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As entrepreneurs, it is important to build genuine relationships. Having like-minded people in our network is critical for growth, building the know, like, and trust factor, and achieving and sustaining success.


Chip Baker interviewed on The Second Phase podcast to share his expertise on building relationships. The graphic has a photo of Chip in the bottom right hand corner under the logo. Robyn's photo is on the left wearing jeans and a black tee shirt holding her coffee mug!

About Chip Baker

Chip is an ordinary guy working hard to do extraordinary things.

He is a 4th generation educator and coach, founder of The Success chronicles, and a multiple-time best-selling author.

One of Chip’s greatest gifts is the ability to build genuine relationships, both personally and professionally.  Along that line, Chip takes care of people who take care of people and gives them a heightened awareness of their greatness so that they can see that they are capable of making a positive difference.

Building Relationships

(3:55) “Our life moves at the speed of our relationships.”  is a quote from Chip’s paster and included in the book  “Effective Conversation to Ignite Relationships.”   People who are doing great things in their lives have great relationships.   Conversely, people who are struggling in life, probably haven’t surrounded themselves with the right people.  In other words, they haven’t taken the time to build the right relationships.

(5:30) Likewise, there are no things wasted.  Throughout our lives, we are surrounded by people every day from whom we can learn.   It is so important to realize the wisdom of others and therefore, take the opportunities to learn from them.

One of Chip’s goals is to outgive.   To not just take, but to give more than we receive.   Likewise, be competitive and strive to be “THE” friend, not just “A” friend.   Being consistent in relationships is key to becoming that person.

(6:50) Similarly, God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.   The people around us that we have the opportunity to build relationships are meant to help equip us.  Build the relationships, be consistent with your support of others, and build the know, like, and trust factor.

It Starts with a Habit

(7:28) It all starts with habits.   Habits lead to routines.   Routines lead to consistency.  Consistency builds trust.   Yes, others trust you, but you also show yourself that you can be dependable and can achieve greatness because you are consistent.

The Flow

Habits + Routine + Consistency = Trust

Relationship Consistency

(8:18) It is important to show up consistently in relationships, but also for our ideal audience.   Chip is a great example of creating a consistent personal brand.

We have to show up, have a great attitude and give your all to be able to be consistent and authentic.

“The Formula Chart for Life” (9:45)

The equations for success.  Formulas to help with success in all aspects of life.


(11:00) Success equals maximum effort times consistency times positive attitude.

Success = maximum effort X Consistency X positive attitude

Law of Balance

(11:31) The balance Pie – 10 areas that Chip tries to focus on for balance and integration.




Personal Growth


Making a Difference

Being present



Values at the core

Let your values guide you when building relationships so that you surround yourself with like-minded people.

Being the Glue

(13:27) It’s important to always be aware, in every situation, and put things together.   Meaning we should add value to every situation and every relationship.

Greater Than

(14:06) Significant Success is Greater than Regular Success

We are all blessed and born with potential.  We are all one of one and we all have the potential to achieve great things.  But we need to be intentional about what we are working to achieve, and that allows us to maximize our potential.  This allows us to not only have success but significant success.

(15:07) When we are intentional there is no waste of time.

Time Management

(16:01)  It is certainly best to be proactive instead of reactive.

Plan everything to avoid wasted seconds.  When we waste time, we feel like we didn’t do what we needed to do.

Chip is strict with his time and prioritizes non-negotiables.   After fitting in the non-negotiables then can add other items to the schedule.

Operating Systems

(17:53) Importantly, we have to have operating systems to be efficient.  Without systems and processes, we don’t accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

Above all build relationships. If you can build relationships, be consistent, and build trust, you can be successful in every aspect of your life.

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