Building a Personal Brand


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Building a personal brand can be intimidating, challenging, and overwhelming.  It can also be extremely rewarding and fun.

Three Steps to Begin Building

a Personal Brand


If you are starting a business or realizing that you need to re-focus an existing business, there are a few easy things that you can do to begin.

Be the Face of Your Brand when Building a Personal Brand

At a minimum have a great headshot that you can use on all of your profiles.   Budget for a personal branding photography session and get it scheduled as soon as possible.   The more you present your authentic self , the more likely that your ideal audience will connect with you and engage with you.

When Building a Personal Brand, Identify Your Niche

Where is your expertise?  What is your passion?  Where do you see yourself in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years?   Who do you see yourself serving?   When you answer each of those questions, you will discover where your focus should be, and who your ideal audience is.   After establishing those two things, you will be able to proceed in building a personal brand and create content that will engage the right people, the people who want to work with you.

Review Your Copy when Building a Personal Brand

Does your copy truly represent who you are and what you do?  Is it cohesive across all platforms?  When building a personal brand, you must be sure that when someone lands on your website or social media sites they will immediately know what you do and who you serve by the copy on your page?   You should always have copy to accompany images.  Posts on both your website and social media pages should be cohesive across all of your platforms.

To Learn More

To learn more specifics about what building a personal brand and what a personal brand is, follow this LINK.  You can also read this book: “The Brand Called You” by Peter Montoya

Book a free strategy call to chat about any questions you have related to the three action items above.  I’d love to help you work through those thoughts of overwhelm, challenges or anxiety you are currently experiencing over your personal brand.   My calendar is available HERE.




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