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A couple of years ago I read “Badass Your Brand” by Pia Silva, author, brand strategist, and Forbes contributor.  To say I learned a lot from Pia, is an understatement.   I was in the process of rebranding my business to focus on my branding niche when I read the book.  Pia inspired me to move forward with confidence, a word that is often extremely hard to find within ourselves and the decisions we make.  Her inspiration led me to think about the branding clients I have worked with and how I have watched their confidence grow as we collaborate to tell their visual story.

Questions about Your Brand


I have to ask you:

  • Are you an expert at what you do?
  • Do your branding pictures demonstrate what you want your ideal clients to take away about you?
  • Are you able to communicate your unique value to everyone?
  • Do you feel confident about your brand and how people perceive your brand online?

The Answers


If the answer to any of those questions is no, and you are copying influencers in your field, you may appear desperate to gain attention.   Desperation is like a stinky perfume.   No special deodorant, even Primally Pure, is going to make you smell better.

A Lack of Confidence


Think about how animals smell fear.   If a person is afraid of a dog, the dog senses the fear and reacts to it.  This results in a cycle of fear causing more fear.

The same holds true for your brand.  If you are confident, noticeable, remarkable, and memorable you will attract an unlimited amount of the right-fit, ideal clients.  When you represent your brand with authenticity and as the expert, you are in your field, your audience will sense your confidence and trust you.  Branding with confidence will become second nature.

Visual Content Can Help


I’ve seen numerous clients come into my studio for branding sessions feeling overwhelmed and having a lack of confidence.   As soon as they understand the importance of visual content for brand recognition and realize the pictures they are going to have to use and hear the advice I give on how to use them, their confidence skyrockets.   I see it in their eyes and their smiles and even in the height of their shoulders.

Professional images, when used effectively on your website and social media sites, can build your confidence in your brand, build an emotional connection with your audience, make you memorable, draw attention from your ideal clients, and help your brand and business grow.  Who doesn’t want that?

Let’s Chat


If you would like to collaborate to tell your visual story, develop a brand strategy and build your confidence, let’s chat.   I can’t wait to see your confidence and brand soar to new heights.

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