Serving Others and Sharing my Knowledge Inspire Me

I’m Robyn, a passionate, driven, Christian woman who believes in marrying my values, visions and passions to serve others and put positive energy into the world.  As a brand marketing strategist and podcast host I help other women connect and attract more clients for their own success.

Serving others and helping them find their second phase, make the transition and navigate unknown territory, gives me joy.   I love finding the things that make people smile and dream and work and hope and achieve success.

My First Phase

Serving others has always been part of my core being. My initial career goal was to attain a doctorate degree and work as a pharmacist, but in non-traditional roles.   I joined the corporate ranks and achieved my goals and dreams.

My Second Phase

After moving across the country with my husband and having three children, life changed and so did my dreams and passions for my career.   With my husbands support, I decided to follow my passions and start a career as a professional photographer.

To be candid, I didn't know what I was doing.  I knew how to take beautiful pictures, but I didn't know the ins and outs of owning a photography business.  As a result, I researched and studied.  I read every book I could get my hands on in regards to branding, marketing, etc.

As a result, I fell in love with branding.  The ability to be strategic and creative were innate gifts.   My marketing knowledge and skills were attained through my corporate journey.  Combing the three, has led me to become an expert in brand marketing strategy.   Something I not only love, but am passionate about.

A Brand Marketing Strategist and Photographer

As a brand marketing strategist and photographer, I bring two worlds together; brand strategy and photography.

I’ve loved photography since I was a kid, commandeering my parents’ Polaroid and covering our walls with the photos I’d taken. My mother is an artist.  My father was a master woodworker. Creativity and the arts have always been an essential part of who I am as a person.

Relax and Let Me Do the Work

Helping people relax in front of the camera is a unique gift and one I cherish. By making people feel beautiful and confident, they let their guard down and show their personality and true essence.

My expertise is capturing their true essence in visually impactful images, infusing their business with their personality to create a personal brand for an authentic emotional connection with their ideal audience.

And I know how to guide clients to use those images as part of a comprehensive brand marketing strategy to build their brand in a way that feels right to them and develops the know, like and trust factor with their ideal clients.

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Where inspiration leads me.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

The first place inspiration leads me is home. For me, that’s Doylestown, in the heart of Bucks County, where I live with my husband and three children. Family is at the center of my life, and the joy and strength I find there infuse my work with meaning and purpose.

Inspiration also leads me out into my community. I volunteer for the Heritage Conservancy, and Face to Face Germantown, and volunteer at our church. I love being involved in my community, and helping to build people up through service and positive relationships.

My Work

And of course, inspiration leads me to my work. I’ve been voted the Bucks Happening Photographer for three consecutive years in 2017, 2018, and 2019, been featured in ViewBug Photography Magazine, Art Quench Magazine, On Purpose Magazine, and more.  I've participated in juried art exhibits including the Philadelphia Sketch Club, The Artists of Yardley, Phillips Mill Annual Photography Exhibit, The Galaxy Art Show and Sale, The Bucks County Project Gallery, The Arts and Culture Council of Bucks County, The Pennsylvania Center for Photography, and Art Quench Gallery.

I'm a Thrive Global contributor, a podcast host and speaker who is passionate about sharing the value of brand marketing strategy and visual storytelling for creating brands that inspire emotional connection, trust, and engagement.


"I have known Robyn Graham professionally for the past five years. In my gallery, The Bucks County Project Gallery, Robyn has exhibited in numerous group shows as well as in her own, very successful one person show. As an art promoter and event coordinator, I have referred clients with photographic needs to Robyn many times and I believe in her talent and professional delivery. Robyn is creative and knowledgeable in her craft, and she is a compassionate, personable and very reliable woman professionally."

--Stephanie Lisle, Owner & Creative Director at Stephanie Lisle and Flash Graphics, Inc.


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