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create a brand strategy session with mary fran bontempo and kristin smedley. both women are dressed in black and mary fran has a coral blouse u under her blazer. Kristin has long black hair and blue eyes and mary fran has short blond hair and blue eyes. both are smiling. kristin is standing and mary fran is sitting and the are leaning on each other with their arms crossed.

Today I am taking you behind the scenes of a branding mentor session!

Personal Branding Can Be Overwhelming

Personal branding can be overwhelming, but no worries, I am here to help you! I can make it so easy for you and love to do so!

In this video, you will get a behind-the-scenes view of a  branding mentor session. I recently worked with Mary Fran Bontempo and Kristin Smedley to create a personal brand for their Brilliantly Resilient tour, which will launch in March, and we recorded it so that you could get an idea of what needs to go into creating a personal brand.

Not Sure Where to Begin

Having two separate established brands, Mary Fran and Kristin were not sure where to begin and how to blend the two brands into one stand-alone brand.

During our time together, I coached them on how to select the colors to use for their combined personal brand, how to create and use visual content, helped create their tagline, and discussed how they should brand themselves collectively without creating a separate website or incurring expenses.

The Video

The video takes you behind the scenes as we talked about creating a brand that would help them stand out as a unique entity in the resilience field.   Watch the video and see what tips about personal branding you find helpful for your own personal branding endeavors.

The Tip of the Iceberg

This is just one example of what we do in The Brand Insider Personal Branding Program.  If you have questions about your own personal brand, please schedule a call with me, and together we can help your brand soar to new heights.

The Brand Insider Program is a unique, customized, done-for-you program.  We build brands from the ground up or redesign brands to help you reach your ideal audience.   Our team consists of copywriters, a social media consultant and manager, a graphic designer, a videographer, and a website designer.

The best part is that I coordinate the entire project for you.  I reduce stress for you and give you confidence that your brand will help you connect with your ideal audience, that you will become more visible and your audience will get to know you, like you, and trust you and therefore, buy from you!

To schedule your own personal branding strategy session click here.



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