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You listen to podcasts and admire the people who are selected for interviews and you think, oh, that person must be a big deal. But are they any more of an expert than you are? You can be a guest too if you follow this list of dos and don’ts for pitching.

Why you should pitch to be a podcast guest?

If you want to pitch to be a podcast guest, you should first understand the benefits of being a guest.

Here’s the thing about being a podcast guest, it opens your world to opportunity. If the host of the podcast invites you to be interviewed, that means they trust you to deliver value. If the host trusts you, most likely their followers will trust you.

Every brand marketing strategy should include being a guest on podcasts.

Being a podcast guest is about PR, reaching a larger audience to gain more opportunities to attract clients. Not only do you get to interview and impress the host and their followers with your knowledge, but you also have the opportunity to support another entrepreneur. This is a win-win. Both your audience and the host’s audience will begin to see you as the expert you are and you will build trust faster.

When you are a guest on a podcast you can reach the masses without putting a ton of time into reaching a new audience. You get to showcase your talents and knowledge. Similarly, you will have assets for the podcast to share for your content which will save you time. And you’ll build relationships with the host and their following. Being a podcast guest is a great way to become more recognizable and memorable. Many times, episodes are shared by listeners so you automatically become more sharable. We know that becoming more recognizable, memorable, and sharable helps build trust which helps build relationships. Both are necessary for converting people from followers to clients.

Now that you recognize the value of being a podcast guest, you are probably wondering how can you become a podcast guest.

Let’s dive into the dos and don’ts of successfully pitching to become a podcast guest.

The Dos to pitching to be a podcast guest

There are many dos for successfully pitching to be a podcast guest. Some may seem more important than others, but all are equally important. Each podcast host has their own criteria that guests must meet. But, most importantly, they want guests that are going to help their listeners, have credibility, be courteous, and also make them look good.

The Dos

  • Get to know the host of the show you want to pitch to and form a relationship with her
  • Listen to episodes of the show you want to pitch to ensure it is a good fit for your message
  • Customize your pitch – do not copy and paste from a previously used pitch – special note if fonts are different it is a red flag for the host
  • Leave a rating and review for the show you want to pitch so that the host knows you like and respect their work
  • Always follow the process the host has established for applying to be a guest on her show
  • Follow up on a pitch if you haven’t heard back in a few weeks but only if the host doesn’t have an application process and you pitched by email
  • Respect the hosts’ time
  • Remember hosts received 100s of pitches and unless you are a celebrity in her mind your pitch isn’t more important than any other pitch she receives
  • Know the host’s values and the type of content she publishes to ensure you are a good fit
  • Follow the host and/or the show on social media
  • Engage with the host and her content on social media

What should you do if your pitch is accepted?

If accepted as a guest:

  • Be on time
  • Wear headphones, earbuds, or AirPods
  • Be in a well-lit and quiet area with no distractions
  • Silence notifications on your phone and computer
  • Send a thank-you note after the interview
  • Share the interview with your audience once it is published
    • social media
    • email list
    • LinkedIn
    • on your media page on your website

When pitching to be a podcast guest, make it easy on the host by having a media kit at the ready

What to include in a media kit:

  • Important links
  • A professional headshot
  • Your bio, preferably a brief version, not your entire resume
  • Contact information
  • One-sheet
  • Suggested discussion topics or questions that you are prepared to answer related to your area of expertise

Now for the list of Don’ts when you pitch

The Don’ts

  • It isn’t cool to say how much you like the show you are pitching if you haven’t listened to it – hosts can see through pitches that aren’t genuine, authentic, and customized
  • Don’t site an episode of the show in your pitch, if it isn’t relevant to your pitch
  • Be genuine if complimenting the host and the show in your pitch – over-complimenting comes off as fake…probably because it is!
  • Don’t send email pitches if the host has an application on the show’s website
  • Never pitch in a DM to someone you don’t follow or haven’t engaged with on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn
  • It is important not to show up late for the interview – if you have an emergency let the host know ASAP
  • Don’t be a know-it during an interview…your role as a guest is to be humble, kind, and gracious and make the host look good
  • Absolutely no selling during an interview unless the host specifically gives you the opportunity
  • Don’t forget to complete all paperwork/questionnaires the host asks you to complete, preferably days before the interview so that the host can be well prepared without having to spend time searching about you
  • Never send a non-professional poorly lit headshot or make the host ask twice for a headshot or bio
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