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7 Reasons a Professional Headshot is Important


Many times people have asked me why a professional headshot is important.   My response is always, the same.  “Everyone needs a professional headshot.”   That is a pretty strong statement, but I believe it. Not because I am a biased headshot photographer, but because we live in a digital world where having an online presence is important and is often the first impression others have of you.   Below are 7 reasons for having a professional headshot.


The Seven Reasons You Need a Professional Headshot as Personal Brand


  1. Show Professionalism and the Importance of Quality

A professional headshot helps you look like the professional you are. It also lets others know that you care about quality.   When someone is scrolling through LinkedIn looking for candidates for an employment opportunity, a professional headshot is going to be eye-catching compared to a poorly lit selfie or gray head.


  1. Stand Out

In this digital era, people have short attention spans and scroll through their social media or LinkedIn feeds quickly.   A quality and eye-catching profile photo, aka headshot, will make people stop to look at you. People are more likely to remember your face than the 1st and 2nd lines of your bio. Not only that but your personality and essence shine through your eyes and smile.   Having a professional, well-lit headshot (profile photo) helps grab attention and make an emotional connection with the viewer.


  1. Introduction/First Impression

Your introduction to the world (people in your area of expertise, peers, and recruiters) is often online. With fewer jobs available, it is important to make a good first impression so that your skills and expertise aren’t overlooked. It is important to note that all websites should have professional headshots on the about page. Some companies dedicate a page to their team and include headshots of all employees.   Remember that people buy people not products and services so it is important to represent the people behind the business. A personal and emotional connection to your business will help with success.


  1. Consistency

You should represent yourself consistently across all platforms so that people recognize you. If you are in the corporate sector, or even working for a small business, you need to create a personal brand that demonstrates your expertise.  You want to make it easy for others to see the reason they should hire or promote you. A headshot will allow you to stand out in a sea of noise and draw people in to read your bio and learn more about you and what you can do for their business.


  1. Recognition

How many times have you been to a networking event and can’t remember who the business card in your pocket belonged to? As a side note, you should take the time to connect with people after each networking event you attend.  This will help you develop a meaningful network of ideal clients. Even if they are not your ideal clients they may be a referral source for someone who is your ideal client.

There are two scenarios to think about.   If someone goes to connect with you but is not certain of your name, or multiple people come up with the same name on the LinkedIn search, and you do not have a current (and recognizable) headshot they may not find you.   Likewise, if you meet someone and go to connect with him/her and they do not have a current headshot you won’t be able to recognize them.   This can be very frustrating especially if that person was a potential client.


  1. Recruiters

A recent analysis by Jobvite reported that 41% of recruiters judge you by your profile photo before meeting you.   This data is from 2016 so chances are the statistics are even higher as LinkedIn has become more prominent over the past few years.   Interestingly enough, 18% of recruiters view selfies negatively. They also admit to viewing social media profiles to learn more about candidates. This brings us back to your personal brand.  Whether you are in corporate or own your own business people are looking for your personality before they meet you.


  1. Confidence

Having a professional headshot makes you feel more confident about your career and demonstrates confidence to others.   A good headshot will capture the personality and when you look confident, people are more likely to believe you are an expert or have the skills they are looking for.




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